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Since my jewelry is always is such a state of disarray, I am always on the lookout for jewelry storage solutions.
For those necklaces for which it is safe to store hanging, try repurposing an old garden rake like this one at Tub Connection.
Black Forest Cottage sells antique print-type drawers that have been repurposed into hanging jewelry storage cabinets. The blogger over at Jen-uinely Inspired took a free-standing jewelry cabinet she had purchased and turned it into this gorgeous silver-leafed beauty. One solution is to purchase a jewelry cabinet like this one shared on This Girl’s Life blog. Another DIY idea is to take old cutting boards, paint them, add hooks, and wall-mount them for hanging necklace storage. This 37-drawer, 1940s vintage machinist cabinet might have enough storage for my collection with room to grow. This entry was posted in Shelter and tagged etsy jewelry, jewelry, jewelry box, jewelry organizer, jewelry storage. Last Friday, I sat down to write an article about the notion of “ignorance is bliss.” I didn’t get to it right away.
What' s Intresting Lustables: Customizable Sputnik Chairs Shelter Johanna Bjork Made from durable steel,the Sputnik Chair is available in four colors and comes with a seat made from certified white oak or recycled army fabric.
From thrift store finds, estate sale vintage pieces, handmade designs from Etsy and even some family heirlooms, most of my jewelry wouldn’t be described as fine jewelry, but it’s precious to me.
This would make a unique addition to your bedroom decor and you could see ALL your jewelry at one time.
Maybe a Craigslist find that you don’t like the looks of (but serves the purpose for keeping baubles organized), just needs a paint job or other style rehab?
The pros–it can hold a lot of jewelry AND it doubles as a full-length mirror (when closed). Sadly those chests have been discontinued by IKEA, but they have been replaced by other similar products that one could repurpose.
Bare with me while I delve once more into very unsexy territory: the mundane household object.

Janet Echelman’s large scale aerial installations suggest we reach inward as they inspire us to look up, reminding me of a few lines from an Allen Ginsberg poem. And on January 8, 2011, Representative Gabrielle Giffords was shot in Arizona by a would-be assassin. Are you looking for some jewelry display ideas to show your accessories in a cute and perfect manner ? And what’s even more precious is when I can actually find and wear what I am looking for–which happens all too rarely. Are you wondering how to incorporate emerald green, the Color of the Year according to Pantone, in your home decor? Well if yes, then you came into right place.  Accessories always looks beautiful if you keep them in a pretty cool way either its display or storage. If you want some some inspiration of jewelry displays then you can check it out the best DIY jewelry displays ideas here.
Unfortunately, my jewelry is spread out in 4 different jewelry chests, 2 different trays and a hanging display. Since hanging necklaces can be damaging to them, this would allow for plenty of flat storage of necklaces.
Emily Bond As Doug Aitken’s Living Words text sculpture indicates,these vertical gardens are dripping in sex appeal. It’s not pretty, it’s not organized and I’m sure I’m not the only one can say this about her jewelry collection.
Vertical gardens and living walls have become an upwardly mobile artform,a sustainable way of incorporating the natural wilds of groping greenery into our contemporary living spaces,and adorning our urban streetscapes. A living […] share The Luminous Lotus Flower Shelter Tina McCarthy The stunningly unique Lotus Flower chandelier is a sparkling wonder that is a work of art all in its own.
Artisans craft the petals of its glistening floral exterior from naturally collected capiz shells that are hand-cut.
That’swhy the home design industry is struggling not to be nailed shut while weathering the storm. Emily Bond Consider this a token of the ritual of bathing,a refreshing alternative to grimy shower gel.

Soap-on-a-rope producers Senteurs d’Orient are based in Lebanon,where the soap making business has been going strong for some 6,000 years. Before Dove and mesh sponges cornered the market,taking a bath was considered […] share Can’tSleep? Whether you rent or own your own home,neutral colors don’tnecessarily mean your space can’t make a statement. Or… Scavenge,shave and screw – per the design leanings of Tony Kim and Sharon Myoung’s“Urban Camping” series.
Designed by Brendan Ravenhill,who is also the mastermind behind the last trash can you’ll ever need,this minimalist yet rustic bottle opener can magnetize itself to my fridge anytime. You won’t find Takumi Macinari’s wood pens and mechanical pencils at Staples or Office Depot. Care of IDEA International,they are available for your list-making and letter-writing pleasure for a limited time only.
Not as much as the […] share 15 Ingenious Repurposing Projects for Used Books Shelter Jen Wallace Old,used books can be transformed into cool DIY home decor with these repurposing projects.
Considering the cash we shell out on beauty products,there’s nothing worse than having to let go of a product because it’s giving us attitude.
Whether you’re saying goodbye to a razor […] share Chopstick Baskets: a Hit or a Miss?
Shelter Tina McCarthy It is estimated that restaurants discard billions of single-use chopsticks every year. Whenever I hear an astounding figure like that,I wonder why more aren’trecycled or reclaimed in an effort to reduce waste.

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