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Those pants look insanely comfortable, which it is so important to be while traveling, especially when you’re cramped into a small space for a prolonged period of time.
I’m a total leggings girl when I travel too, but those pants look just as comfortable. Keep health a priority — goal one can come into play here with new healthy foods and new fun workout classes. Be nice to people — be the kind of person that I want to meet and put good energy out into the world. Recently however, I’ve been reminding myself to wear my white jeans with things other than the ever present striped T-shirt. Currently though, I’m in the market for a cropped white flare because I think that would be rad as all geddyup. Denim cut offs (or rather unflatteringly, but also known as, jorts) are a wardrobe staple that I have been dying to dig out of my closet since they were banished there sometime late-September (along with all other beach appropriate and summer friendly attire). We have some exciting posts coming your way to recap our trip – and today marks the first one in this fun series.
First & foremost, I am absolutely in love with my new weekender bag from Sweet Tea Monograms.
Be sure to follow CSM and I along on instagram this weekend to see more of our trip’s details. I spent the last couple days booking flights for a lot of different trips I have coming up this summer (YAY!) and it got me thinking about what I wear when I’m jet-setting. I’ve actually been eying those at LOFT because they ACTUALLY come in petites – too perfect! It’s flirty and girly and, with no tank underneath, paired back to your favorite worn in denim is (some might argue) also sexy. You know how when you feel sick but you are wearing a killer outfit the world looks a little bit sunnier and less daunting. It is important to not get stuck in my comfort zone and try new restaurants, museums, music, recipes, you name it!

I am so sad that my fave season is already coming to an end. BUT I am so excited because later this week I am headed on a girls roadtrip (courtesy of General Motors) for Labor Day with fellow blogger BFF, Cori Sue, of Bitches Who Brunch! Hopefully you will find this post quite useful when packing for your end of summer travel plans and beyond! With adjustable straps, compartments inside and leather handles – this is my ideal weekender. I love your hat- I just purchased a boater hat (in addition to my panama) and so excited to wear it this season!
And similarly (but much less fun) when you feel great but your outfit is total sh*t you can spiral right down off of that happy cloud faster than you can say the words bell sleeve.
White flowing fabric + Indonesian-inspired florals + kimono shape = my ticket on a jet plane to somewhere tropical.
It is functional and pleasing to the preppy eye for an end of summer road trip too, of course.
Much like with this layered lace crop and silk ruffle tank look back to bejeweled sandals that have somehow nailed the cool-girly-girl aesthetic. But I have been forced to put a hold on my beloved fall chunky sweaters and leather-weather certainly isn’t here quite yet.
It made the transition from the 65 degree – seriously though, brrr – air conditioned offices to the 90 degree heat of the city streets easy as could be. I had the pleasure of breaking it in this past weekend on my Austin trip and it was the perfect carry-on bag for the plane too. But if I’m going to up my travel-wear-game, it has to be with these oh so ridiculously comfortable wide leg silky pants. The first thing I like to remember when sitting down to write my resolutions is to make sure that they are achievable. Lucky for me the weather has been in my favor this week – after last week’s relatively cooler days, this week has been positively balmy – dare I say tropical? It’s like the sweater love child designed for weird in between season spring(ish) weather.

Resolutions are getting a bad rep because year after year people tend to, more often than not, end up with the same uncompleted resolutions from the prior year. They have earned their spot at the cool kids table and deserve to be a favorite in the rotation that is your summer wardrobe. So with this weekend’s weather, I dug out my favorite destroyed cut offs and paired them with my suede booties and new go-to Helmut Lang top. I’ll admit the 85+ degree days do leave me wanting to flea the city before Friday rolls around, but even so: I am happy with this heat. But don’t worry, these pajamas-like pants are not just for travel, you can easily wear these for a casual weekend look too…with a big hat, of course!
So making them achievable and not quantifiable helps for me to make them less daunting and more real. When packing for a weekend away between the months of May and September white jeans are unquestionably included. I love this top for not only the clean simplicity but also for the way it drapes – so effortlessly cool.
Some of my resolutions are things that I already do but want to make more of a conscious priority in my everyday life. They fall somewhere between a toothbrush and sunscreen on the necessary section of the packing list.
Holding ourselves responsible for our actions and how we live our lives is important after all.

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