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Kate Spade Coconut Drink BagBAGS, KATE SPADE0 17Thinking of flying to Hawaii, Bora Bora or Thailand anytime soon?
Kate Spade Wicker Beehive BagBAGS, KATE SPADE0 23After Kate Spade created the super-cute Bee Bag, it needed some place to stay. Kate Spade Wicker Bee BagBAGS, KATE SPADE0 52Dreams can come true in the world of fashion and there are no limitations. Kate Spade Ice Pop Coin PurseBAGS, KATE SPADE0 13Are you looking for the latest flavor of the month?

This strategy is a tenet of Kate Spade's plan to stay relevant amid aA retail environment with plenty of promotions and an economy that's causing young people to stay away from buy luxury goods, like handbags. Additionally, given the dire state of retail, it remains more crucial than ever for brands to keep their customers highly engaged.
This winter, Kate Spade shuttered all of its Kate Spade Saturday stores, The Wall Street Journal reported. I love this ultrasoft, drapey pullover detailed with long raglan sleeves, raw edges and a rainbow-hued pineapple print keeps you super-cozy while you dream of warmer temps and the sweet taste of your favorite tropical fruit.

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