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Interior custom woven gold dot lining with back wall zip pocket, multifunctional slip pockets and a center zip divider. Whether you were sick from the flu, or came home with a broken heart, she was there to make things better.
Now, as you sit and stare at the computer screen, wondering how you can endure another five hours at work, you think how she would make this better. That's when you decide to casually browse the web, searching for something to keep you awake.

You're about to give up and go back to work when you come across this captivating Kate Spade™ necklace.
You blink to make sure the image is real, and just then, you realize that three hours have passed! A captivating cluster of mother-of-pearl butterflies and dazzling crystals decorates this opulent bib necklace. Become the epitome of modern elegance with these All Wrapped Up Pearl Earrings from Kate Spade™!

These sophisticated earrings from Kate Spade™ prove that you can easily polish any ensemble, day or night!

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