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I saw these little beauties floating around on pinterest and of course being smitten by all things Kate Spade I wanted to own them. I used clear nail polish on one set for a shiny finished wood look and left the other unfinished. Cost: I only had to buy the wooden buttons and earring backs, both which come with several pieces. Remove the tape and attach the flat back earrings to the back of the wooden studs using super glue.

I think the branding is gorgeous (and colors to boot), but I have a hard time shelling out $8 for a bottle of it.
I pinned this project to my DIY board, and I really hope I have some time soon so that I can make them.
I recently learned a trick; if your ears get irritated with the metal you can paint it with clear nail polish. There are so many possibilities for this ?? color combinations, polka dots ?? I need to go get me some earring backs.

Would you rather spend your entire life with 8 bottles of dollar store stuff or one bottle of Essie?

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