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Ca»±u Cha»§ ta»‹ch Barca ta»? ra ra??t thA?ng ca??m cho na»—i bua»“n ca»§a C.Ronaldo ta??i Real Madrid. Stan Wawrinka tr? n? song ph?ng tru?c Kevin Anderson ? t? k?t US Open khi gianh chi?n th?ng v?i cac t? s? 6-4, 6-4, 6-0 d? ghi ten minh vao ban k?t.
D? bao s? g?p kho tru?c 'kh?c tinh' nhung man trinh di?n c?a Wawrinka trong l?n th? tam d?i d?u Anderson da thuy?t ph?c t?t c? nh?ng khan gi? kho tinh nh?t.

Tr?i qua 1 gi? 50 phut so tai, Wawrinka do?t t?ng c?ng nam break, khong m?c m?t sai l?m nao d? k?t thuc tr?n d?u v?i t? s? 6-4, 6-4, 6-0.
Ph?c thu thanh cong tru?c Anderson, Wawrinka s? g?p ngu?i d?ng huong huy?n tho?i Roger Federer. D?c bi?t tay v?t Nam Phi nay da gianh chu?i 4 tr?n th?ng lien ti?p tru?c d?ng nghi?p Th?y Si tinh t? Indian Wells Masters 2014.

T? l? giao bong m?t an di?m c?a Wawrinka len d?n 94% d?ng th?i vu?t tr?i Anderson ? nhi?u con s? th?ng ke khac nhu giao bong hai an di?m, tr? giao bong an di?m va t?ng s? di?m gianh du?c.

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