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Author: admin | 03.04.2015 | Category: Relieve Tinnitus

Last week, we presented you our round-up of the 10 best wireless headphones for your device of choice - be it your Android or iOS smartphone, your desktop or your tablet. Ok, after this lyrical interlude, we'll be showing 15 of the best hi-fi earbuds we could come across. The Xiaomi Pistons are a classic bargain that's built to impeccable standards and sounds exponentially better than its price suggests!

We'll be shopping for good old twisting, knotting, falling from your ears, and completely loveable wired earbuds!
Others have been designed for a secure fit, or are made sweat-resistant to please the sporty types. One of us here held onto his pair of $10 AKG's through high school and university, thinking they have been endowed with the gift of immortality.

But after years of dutiful service and thousands of hours of music played, this incredible pair o' buds withered away too.

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