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Occurs in metamorphic and igneous rocks in Labrador (Canada), Finland, Norway and the former USSR. Oriented needles or platelets of magnetite, twin planes, fingerprints and crystal inclusions. Transparent Labradorite from quartz (optic figure), scapolite (optic figure), beryl (optic figure), Iolite (pleochroism, inclusions, U.V. Gemology • Lauren Dorr is a designer at a luxury brand and is an avid collector of vintage jewelry. Labradorite was officially discovered in 1770 on Saint Paul Island in Labrador, Canada and was named for this area.
Wearing labradorite jewelry is thought to increase intuition, psychic abilities, and enhance your dreams.

You are welcome to save or print one or more pictures below as a certification of the item's Rikoo identity. It occurs in orange, yellow, colourless and red but the gemstone that shows a play of colour, or schiller, is the most popular to be used in jewellery. Labradorite having dark background with play of color is known as spectrolite.
Labradorite’s incredible play of color is caused by internal mineral factures that reflect light back and forth. This glistering color effect is known as labradoresence, giving Labradorite its allure and distinction. Some of the light escaped into the sky aligning to the cosmos, while some light remained in the rock creating the labradorite stone. Pieces of labradorite have been found among Native American artifacts in the state of Maine, and the Canadian Aboriginals used the powder form of labradorite as a magical cure for bodily ailments.

My favorite labradorite jewelry piece is a faceted beaded bracelet that I found in a gemstone store in Austin, Texas. This bracelet’s gemstones bounces so much light off my wrist that it seems to be somehow shining through me, helping me see the magic in everyday things and the magic that is all around us.

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