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Author: admin | 21.02.2016 | Category: Ear Drops For Tinnitus

THIS is the heartwarming moment a deaf baby smiles happily after hearing for the first time.
A video of a small child, Lachlan Lever, from Australia is going viral on YouTube as it is a recording of her hearing for the first time. The young boy's father, Toby Lever, said that the experience of his son hearing for the first time was an amazing one that he wanted to share with everyone as the reaction of his son was priceless to him.
Lachlan's mother, Michelle, was told that Lachlan was deaf by the doctors at the young age of just one month. Michelle Lever hopes that the video of Lachlan hearing for the first time will give other parents who are facing the same ordeal, the hope that they too can overcome the disability. Currently, Lachlan is two years old and is working on his speech with the help of speech therapists in Australia. Mary Alice (our resident lover of cookbooks) has already pre-ordered Ina Garten's new cookbook “Make It Ahead”, and can’t wait to read it cover to cover.  Are you planning on going to one of her book tour events? We love seeing people use space creatively in small spaces.  This Paris apartment's staircase is a great example.

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We are Mary Alice Slattery and Cathi Marcoly, partners at CM Designs, an interior design firm located in Southern California.
Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. The moment they inserted a hearing aid in Lachlan's ear, he stopped crying as he was able hear for the first time. Being published just a week ago, the video has received more than 5 millions views world-wide. They had told her that her young son was going to need hearing aids for him to be able to hear properly. She said that the parents should realize that there is support available to them in all forms and that they are not alone. The therapists have said that his speech was developing at the same level as that of those kids at his age and that he was doing good.

Design is our passion and we are excited to be able to share some of our design tips and handy information. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). His mother and another woman, who one assumes is the doctor, were talking to the child and he paid absolute attention to what they were telling him. So when Lachlan went to the hospital to get his very first hearing aid at his local hospital, it was a huge moment for such a tiny little chap. He moves about in some discomfort to start with, but once he begins to hear… Amazing!

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