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The Latest Cure for Stress and Insomnia: Orgasms for the BrainAugust 10, 2014 - BY Michele RosenthalSHAREHow would your life change if you could have what ABC News reports as “an orgasm for the brain?” Let’s set the stage. Think back to a time when you experienced pleasure from the feeling of being touched (nonsexually).
Technically speaking, neuroscientists wouldn’t exactly call such a sensory experience a braingasm.
Einstein famously said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” When it comes to finding a way to relax and even get some sleep, his words might be more appropriate now than ever, especially when it comes to ASMR videos, in which sounds provoke a soothing tingle that starts in your head and scalp and can move down your spine and into your extremities. A very scientific label for the pleasant shivers, scalp tingles, and other feelings you experience in response to what you hear, ASMR is a robust video industry (a Google search reveals 1.85 million results, and there are more than 64,000 members in an ASMR sub-Reddit community) that can help you relax and fall asleep.
With a dearth of pure, scientific research about its effectiveness, ASMR is more a personal experiential science; the web allowed it to grow into a shared communal experience. Depending on your personal and individual response, ASMR videos have the potential to do more than help you remember a childhood experience. Whether a “braingasm” is a true, scientific phenomenon or just jargon for feeling good, ASMR videos are really about engaging in a sensory experience designed to activate pleasurable and relaxing brain responses. Autonomous sensory meridian response videos, exploding in popularity online, help people relax and get some sleep in a stressful world. If you’ve encountered this pleasurable feeling or the idea appeals to you, you’re probably a good candidate for enjoying an autonomous sensory meridian response, or ASMR, video. Ilse explains, “The people who associate it with when they were a kid, they get triggered by something they remember….

Even though gene editing has been successful before, the major breakthrough in the new study, which was published in Scientific Reports, is that edited cells are not reinfected when exposed to HIV.
Furthermore, the researchers also discovered that the cells grew and behaved as they should.
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Created by Ilse in her soft Dutch-accented voice (she’s one of the most popular ASMR artists on the web), “13 Intense ASMR Triggers for Sleep & Brain Tingles” boasts nearly 100,000 views and is a great introduction to an experience that just might create waves of pleasure in your brain.
The types of sounds that can evoke this feeling (triggers and responses are different for everyone) range from a soothing voice describing attending to you in a variety of ways (including brushing your hair and other personal activities) to softly reciting all Latin words that begin with the letter “a” to filling up and spritzing a bottle of water, crinkling a plastic bag, or painting your face to look like a tiger. In response to an increase in ASMR Internet searches, plus the advent of ASMR online forums and communities, self-proclaimed ASMR artists began increasing the number of available videos in 2011. For example, when their mom would read them a story or a grandma who would touch their hand or a little kid would whisper in their ear.” For this category of ASMR viewers, the quest is usually to search for triggers to experience that pleasure again. Thousands of ASMR viewers, including those with post-traumatic stress disorder, report that the videos help them relax, plus reduce anxiety and depression.
Admittedly, the idea can seem strange, disturbing, or funny, but when you get past any initial resistance, you just might find yourself thinking back to what made you feel tingly as a kid or what sensory stimulation you enjoy as an adult and then, on a night you can’t sleep, thinking maybe, just maybe, an ASMR video is exactly what you need to relax and drift off.
And once these edited genetic code were exposed to the virus again, they were no longer affected by reinfection, Ecumenical News noted. Scientists will then cut-and-paste parts of the DNA to twist its function, allowing the defective versions of a gene to be changed into a healthier one.

Just to give a short overview, CRISPR is DNA's specific repeating sequence that is extracted from a single-celled organism called prokaryote. While treatment has come a long way over the past several years, scientists stressed that antiretroviral drugs are not a permanent solution. And that quest ranges wide: The ASMR community has developed an enormous catalog of videos so viewers can easily search for specific triggers. Similarly, ASMR viewers can be categorized into two groups: Those who experienced ASMR in childhood and those who seek the experience as adults.
The scope of videos spans a few minutes to almost an hour, lending flexibility to how viewers can create their own personalized ASMR experience. Remember how your whole body relaxed: Your muscles released, your eyes closed, your head nodded, you gave in to the touch and experienced the sense-driven pleasure of your skin’s response to stimulation. Did it cause your brain enormous waves of pleasure or, as thousands of people call it, a “braingasm”? Pretty, with no makeup and charmingly crooked teeth, Ilse breathed her channel’s name—”The Waaaterwhissspers Ilse”—and a tickly feeling spread through my scalp, a burst of prickly warmth followed by a sense of deep relaxation.
She leaned in to the camera, pretending to examine my pores and give me a facial. Whoa, sister, I thought.

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