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Making the right choice of hearing aid is one thing, but this is just the start of your journey to better hearing. Because hearing loss is age-related everyone over 50 years of age should have their hearing checked. As we get older, regular hearing tests, like eye tests and dental checks, should become an important part of our healthcare routine.
Exposure to noise can also cause hearing loss and Tinnitus is often associated with this type loss. If you answer yes to more than one of these questions you may have some degree of hearing loss. Every hearing loss is different, Sweeney Optician Eye and Hearing Care offer hearing solutions to suit everyone. If you would like to book an appointment or require further information on the options available to you, please do not hesitate to contact our private patient booking team on the details above.
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Your basilar membrane is lined with tiny hair cells, which are responsible for converting mechanical vibration of the basilar membrane to a chemical signal that stimulates your auditory nerve. Hair cells in your ear come in two flavours: one row of inner hair cells and three rows of outer hair cells. The pictures below show electron micrographs of healthy hair cells (left) and hair cells after exposure to excessive noise (right).
With over 25 years' experience in hearing care, we will give you the best independent advice for your hearing problems. When we fit your hearing aids we want you to be confident that you can contact us at any stage if you need advice or help. With Sweeney Optician Eye & Hearing Care you can rest assured that your hearing is in the hands of our caring hearing aid audiologists. Wear-and-tear on our hearing system means that by the time we are 50 years of age, over one third of us will have some degree of hearing loss. If you are working or exposing your ears to noise levels in excess of 80dBA for longer than a few minutes you will be causing irreversible damage to your hearing. Because we have over 25 years of experience in hearing care, we can offer you independent advice on the best solution for your loss. Because we have many years of experience helping the hearing impaired we will guide you in the process of finding the best solution for you or a friend or family member.
Because the loss is gradual, if you have age-related hearing loss you may not realize that you’ve lost some of your ability to hear.
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The near ("basal") end of the basilar membrane resonates to high frequencies, and the far ("apical") end resonates to low frequencies. The inner hair cells are heavily connected to the auditory nerve, and they send sound information to your brain.
As you grow older, hair cells at the high frequency end of the cochlea also tend to wear out. Hearing loss may be caused by a number of factors, including: genetics, ageing, exposure to noise, some infections, birth complications, trauma to the ear, and certain medications or toxins.
Vibrations at different locations on the basilar membrane therefore reveal what frequencies are present in the sound. The job of the outer hair cells, in contrast, is to amplify the sound vibrations by dancing along. In fact we always offer this FREE service following wax removal as it’s important to know if you have any underlying loss. At Sweeney Optician Eye and Hearing Care we can advise you on the correct type of Hearing protection for each noisy situation. This little video shows you how the vibrations might look if the basilar membrane could be "rolled out in front of you".

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