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In November 2009, design guru Lucille Lewin, founder of the legendary fashion chain Whistles, experienced the odd sensation of a numb tongue. Every year about 1,400 Britons are diagnosed with this type of non-cancerous growth a€“ known as acoustic neuroma a€“with women affected more commonly than men. It was seven years since the business was sold when she was diagnosed a€“ and the consultants told her that the tumour could have been growing all that time.
The operation took 11-and-a-half hours, as the tumour had to be scraped away from the facial nerve through an incision behind Lucillea€™s right ear. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. She founded the company in 1976, and helped launch the careers of designers John Galliano and Jean Paul Gaultier.a€?The takeover was a very difficult time for me,a€™ she admits.

Lucille had been warned that in the immediate aftermath of the operation she would suffer headaches, and her hearing, speech and facial movement would be affected.a€?I came round to find one half of my face was paralysed and I couldna€™t eat or close my eyes,a€™ she says. The tinnitus, the feeling of fullness in one ear and the one-sided hearing loss should have sounded the alarm bells.
To be honest, I was relieved it wasna€™t cancerous.a€™But the diagnosis galvanised her into action.
I was so lucky not to have bad headaches or nausea from my balance nerve having been cut.a€™The mother of two remained in hospital for a week and felt very weak for three months. Lucille recalls: a€?A close friend in Los Angeles had been operated on with the same neuroma. She put me in touch with her surgeon, who is reputed to be the most respected as regards this operation.a€?I asked his advice on who he thought the best person would be inA  the UK.

He recommended David Moffat, an ENT surgeon, and neurosurgeon Robert Macfarlane at Addenbrookea€™s HospitalA  in Cambridge.a€™After meeting Mr Moffat, Lucille was reassured. I cana€™t produce tears in my right eye, and I have also lost my hearing on that side.a€™She walks, swims and does yoga to build up her strength, and is now taking a ceramics degree.

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