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Unlike others amplifiers that claim to be digital, comfortable and nearly invisible, Digital Discovery can live up to our claims.
Our unique flexible and miniature ear buds are designed fit snugly inside the 2nd bend of your ear canal. Get back to enjoying your like, experience the fullness of the music at a concert or at the movie theater, clearly understand everything during a television show or move, or the richness of connecting with people again.
This deeper placement allows the system to take advantage of your ear's natural acoustics and anatomy for a sound quality you will need to experience to believe.

Now, you can get our state of the art hearing amplification technology with specially designed ear buds for the left and right ears. Our digital amplifier is comfortable and totally discrete and provides you with the highest quality amplified sound. You get another breakthrough in design, function and technology - It's the Digital Discovery Digital Hearing Amplifier. Enjoy digitally enhanced sound quality in both ears, simultaneously without the embarrassment of those large, clunky hearing devices.

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