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Naturally Colored by Peled Diamonds, registered diamond dealer and manufacturer, specializing in Natural Fancy Color Diamonds - Member of the IDI. As featured in the NY Post, Jeweller Magazine, IDI Blog, Southern African Gems & Minerals Magazine and more. Our comprehensive appraisal for identification or insurance purposes is included, free of charge. GIA grades the cut of Round Brilliant Diamonds- which certainly simplifies things for buyers.
Shape- that means LxW and the size of the corners- are only one aspect we need to look at.

We also need to look at how deep the diamond is, how large the table is ( that's the large flat facet on top)- and the crown and pavilion angles. The stone they came up with made excellent use of the rough- I'm sure they lost a far smaller percentage than the stone I used for comparison. Fancy colored diamonds are really a different animal than colorless and near colorless stones. On many fancy shaped stone, crown height- expressed as a percentage- is sometimes considered.
This is a very lively stone- with a pleasant light return and fantastic size for it's weight.

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