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A bit of background information on lobe piercings: Lobe piercings have been around for thousands of years.
2) Lobe piercings should be initially pierced with a titanium labret stud, or a titanium barbell.
1) Like all piercings, and wounds, you need the proper care before you can begin to enjoy the fruits of your piercing. DO NOT: Use harsh, anti bacterial soap, believe it or not, your lobes actually need bacteria to help them heal, and stripping that away means removing any chance of a nice quick heal! We are an online resource dedicated to showing what happens when modification goes wrong all in the name of education. Horizontal Lobe Piercing (also called Transverse Lobe Piercing) – a piercing through the length of the lobe that lays horizontal.
Anti-tragus Piercing – a piercing of the fleshy nub that protrudes from the ear rim just across from the tragus.
Rook – a piercing of the inner rim where it meets the outer rim at the top inside edge of the ear. Daith – a piercing of the fold of cartilage where the outer rim of the ear meets the face.

Stay tuned for next time when I’ll be going over the names and placements of all the facial piercings! While it is largely considered the same basic portion of cartilage; the picture you have is more commonly considered a Forward Helix piercing. What is the piercing called in the ‘conch’ picture, the open circle in the lobe? For my first how-to guide, I thought I’d start off with the lobe, a brilliant piercing which is often quite easy to heal. The APP (Association of Professional Piercers) feel very strongly about this, and rightly so! Titanium is an inert body-friendly metal that doesn’t cause allergic reactions, can be anodised into different colours, and is a lot lighter than surgical steel. However, if you plan to stretch your piercing, you can specifically ask to be pierced at a larger gauge, however there are often healing complications with much large gauge initial piercings. Wait two months before changing to high-quality (preferably titanium) jewellery, and after the first change, clean the piercing once a day for a week, just to be on the safe side.
Obviously it depends on your own healing time, but you’re look at the maximum of a year in most cases.

Click the read more link to read the full guide on lobe piercing, cleaning, healing and after care.
If you want to acquaint yourself with why guns are bad, and should be avoided like the plague, have a read of the APP’s Official Gun Guide and get to know why guns ain’t good!
From blowouts and torn lobes, to home-done tattoos and rejecting surface bars, we'll show you how to do it right!
Wait until the salt solution has cooled (it needs to be hot though) and dunk your lobes in the mug.
This draws out any nasty things in there, and gives a nice deep clean all the way in that piercing.

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