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Sad to say, I was not blessed with this trait; instead, mine is like a really sad cut off tree trunk. I usually do this ponytail with the added side-swept bangs and a few pieces here and there to frame the face.
If you’re not going to show it off by getting a short hair cut or putting your hair up in a ponytail, at least you can draw attention to your neck by wearing a turtleneck to show just how long and beautiful it it!
Jennifer Love Hewitt wears the classic black sleeveless turtleneck with large hoop earrings. In case you couldn't get enough "This is 40," the movie's blooper reel has been released and one scene in particular has captivated fans. In the clip (shown above), Leslie Mann plays with Megan Fox's breasts, saying, "Wow, I would put floodlights on them." Fox turns away from the camera before losing it and cracking up. Your ads will be inserted here by Easy Ads.Please go to the plugin admin page to set up your ad code.
If that's not epic enough, this also marks the first time a black woman has fronted the French brand.

In celebration of Rihanna's new high fashion deal we've rounded up a few of her dopest moments wearing Dior. Rihanna rocks a Dior Spring 2015 look for W Magazine Korea's March 2015 Issue celebrating its 10th Anniversary. And if you can pull it off, you are one of the lucky few out there in the genre of Halle Berry.
Let’s be reminded of her Bond movie scene where she stole the show in her orange bikini. You know, the one where models are dressed in stunning Dior gowns while running around the palace of Versailles.
Quite the milestone considering the fashion industry is notorious for its narrow mindedness when it comes to diversity.
She has already graced a campaign for Balmain and was recently named a creative director at Puma. The following pictures are some hairstyles of long hair ideas for women who present as a good idea for those who want to change the appearance.

She quickly launches into a spot-on Kardashian impression, doing her best Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney. There are those women who look no doubt are beautiful, but they won’t stand out in a crowd with long hair. Chop it off, and *tada* they becoming stunning, captivating women you can’t keep your eyes off of!
You’ll never know if you fall into this category unless you give it a shot, and if you have that graceful neck, you have an even greater chance of pulling this off.

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