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Wearing locks tousled and messy is one of the year’s hottest trends that works for short hair too. This heavy on the bangs and side swept look adds a funky touch to this sophisticated and chic short hair. Parting hair on this side gives this style its volume while feathering its feminine softness.¬†Short hair party looks often use earring to attention on earring but a statement necklace achieves the same effect.
Thank goodness some of us are chopping off those dreary and tired looking long hair styles and opting for short hair.
I saw Jennifer Lawrence on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart recently (what a scream she is…and I just love that show btw).

Statement accessories are no novelty on the red carpet especially as the runway was flooded with all the chic and over-sized jewelries. Depending on what kind if short haircut you have, you can style hair messy, add lots of volume, or go ultra shiny. If you have a great short hairstyle and fabulous curly, the only other thing you need is a party dress (and maybe a bold red lip)! Sides are cut very tight, almost in an undercut, accentuating the height and angles of hair on top. What is wonderful about short hair is, it accentuates the face and makes you look awake , smart and sharp and dare I say…younger.

Apparently so many people were alarmed at Jennifer (who stars in the Hunger Games – Catching Fire) who had recently chopped off her long straggly locks …it was actually trending on twitter! The celebrity long earrings trend 2010 is popularized by some of the ace style icons who are eager to show off their sex-appeal and beauty-consciousness with these hard to overlook and glam earrings.
If you were impressed by this brief gallery make sure you also try you also arm up your jewelry box with similar dapper style items.

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