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Noise-induced hearing loss is the result of being exposed to excessively loud sound over a long period of time—such as working in a factory, using a chainsaw for hours, or riding a motorcycle or snowmobile, all without hearing protection.
Hearing loss from noise exposure can be instantaneous, such as from gunshots, firecrackers and other impulse noises.
An easy rule of thumb that can be used to assess whether the continuous noise in an area could potentially cause hearing loss is to determine if you have to raise your voice in order to be heard when speaking to someone three feet away. The most important thing to note is that noise-induced hearing loss is totally preventable! If you are trying to protect your hearing from loud music, then consider custom Musician’s Earplugs.
Custom earplugs can also be made for dentists, flight attendants, pilots, bartenders, motor sports enthusiasts, DJs, band members, etc. If you believe you may be losing your hearing due to noise, regular audiometric testing can provide early detection.
Remember that it is always better to hear with your own good hearing than to rely on hearing aids! Additionally, hearing loss can be a side effect of other conditions and diseases such as autism, Down syndrome, and measles.
If you see any signs of deafness in your child, the first step you should take is scheduling a hearing test. Should YOU consider Record Companies In The Death’s Of Entertainers For Control Of Music Catalogs? Geneva (AFP) – More than one billion young people risk damaging their hearing through listening to loud music, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Friday.

Another 40 percent are at risk from damaging audio levels at concert venues and night clubs. The UN health agency considers a volume above 85 decibels for eight hours or 100 decibels for 15 minutes as unsafe. The vuvuzela, a popular wind instrument used in stadiums during the football World Cup in South Africa in 2010, has a sound intensity of 120 decibels and over nine seconds of exposure could result in irreversible hearing damage. To counter the risks, the WHO recommends that personal audio devices should not be used for more than an hour a day, at reduced sound levels.
The use of ear plugs in loud conditions and regular check ups were part of the recommendations as well. The WHO also wants governments to play a role by imposing strict regulations on noise in public places. THE POSHREPORTONLINE covers everything from politics to sporting news, full spectrum unbiased coverage of all matters of thought provoking news events.
Turn down the volume when listening to music if possible, especially if you are using an iPod or other similar device via earbuds.
Traditional hearing protection typically decreases higher frequency sounds disproportionately.
Why go through all the effort to wear hearing protection when it does not provide adequate attenuation? If your hearing continues to decrease, you are in a great position to take more aggressive steps to prevent additional loss. If you child falls under any of these categories, it’s a good idea to have their hearing tested.

Hearing exams are completely painless and will allow an audiologist to get a better grasp on the level of hearing loss, as well as how to treat it. In addition to noise related causes and ageing, it is also brought on by infectious diseases, genetic conditions, complications at birth, and use of certain drugs. Such hearing loss is insidious, gradually robbing the exposed person of high frequency sounds, such as the s, th, ch. Have some type of hearing protection easily available in your garage when you are picking up that weed-whacker or hopping onto your riding lawnmower. When deciding between the various pre-packaged hearing protection, look for an NRR (Noise Reduction Rating) value or ask your audiologist. She specializes in the treatment of sinusitis, sleep apnea, tonsillitis, and more ENT conditions. So it becomes difficult to differentiate “ace” from “eight” and “fifty-six” from “sixty-six.” Women’s and children’s voices will also be more difficult to understand. Put spare earplugs in the glove box of your car and bring them into the movie theater or to that concert you are attending. The higher the number, typically the better the effectiveness, assuming the earplugs fit well and are used appropriately. Musician’s earplugs have a filter that reduces the sound equally across the frequency range.

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