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When you lose an earring, what do you do with the other one? Join me in this DIY community project, for the SD Craft Monsters Etsy Craft Party and Food Drive, and explore crafty and fun ideas to turn that single earring left behind into something else. The flat calm conditions over the last 24 hours have allowed the team to choose their ideal course with relative ease but has also meant that they are receiving no natural assistance to help them make progress so¬†Yves really is only powered by their muscles.

Unfortunately the duo still insist on singing at the beginning of their updates (This time about their Jet Boil gas cooker!) so it may be best to mute the sound on your computer for the first few seconds of today’s audio update. Depending on how you'll repurpose your earring, you'll need various craft supplies including: chain, cardboard, frames, fabric, wire, books, journals, ribbon, E600 glue, glue stick, decorative paper, key chain, boxes, wood, metal sheet, thread, needle, scissors, jewelry pliers, mallet, magazines, etc.

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