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In addition to transmitting sound to the middle ear, the eardrum can be tightened to help protect the inner ear from very loud, and potentially damaging, sounds.
The middle ear consists of the ossicles, the three smallest bones in our bodies, and the oval window (the separation between the middle and inner ear). The three ossicles are connected in a chain between the eardrum and the much smaller oval window. The inner ear lies beyond the oval window and consists of the cochlea, a snail shell-shaped bone structure, and the vestibular system, which helps control balance.
Perception of different loudness for sounds of equal intensity level but different frequency (different pitch) - People can hear frequencies in the range of about 20 hertz (Hz) (vibrations cycles per second) to 20,000 Hz.
To account for our relative sensitivities of different frequencies and intensity levels, the A, B, and C-weighted decibel scale were created.
The A-weighted decibel scale weighs the loudness of sounds at different frequencies in a similar way as the ear for intensity levels of about 40 to 65 dB.
The B and C-weighted decibel scales weigh the loudness of sounds at different frequencies in a similar way as the ear for intensity levels of about 65 to 85 dB and about 85 dB and above, respectively. Most measurements of airplane noise, including the Equivalent Noise Level (LEQ) (See Noise Basics), use an A-weighted decibel scale. The current controversy over the vuvuzela at the Confederations Cup in South Africa is hardly the first debate about "artificial" noisemakers used by football fans. Though appearing as early as 1900, the rattle became the ubiquitous din to football matches in Britain after the world war.
Football rattles fell into disuse in the 1960s in English football, as the cloth cap-era of working class support began to morph into something trendier, and supporters began to create their own songs and chants that rendered the use of the rattle obsolete. Yet it was a shift in the entire base of fan culture, rather than a simple realisation that rattles were annoying, that removed the rattle from the terraces. The thunderstick emerged in the 1990s in Korea, and quickly spread to North America at baseball, football and political rallies. Many Major League Soccer teams embraced the thunderstick, and games were often played to the uncoordinated din of young children manufacturing a plastic roar. So cheap to produce and so useful a marketing tool, the thunderstick seems unlikely to vanish any time soon, though constant complaints have begun to limit their presence in American baseball stadiums. As we know, many players, coaches and fans have complained about the noise of the vuvuzela at the Confederations Cup, with calls for their ban inundating FIFA.
It is a recognised sound of football in South Africa and is absolutely essential for an authentic South African footballing experience.
After all, what would be the point of taking the World Cup to Africa, and then trying to give it a European feel? Though a fairly recent instrument at South African football games, some trace the roots to African tradition. South African vuvuzela enthusiast Mzion Mofokeng explains the significance of the instrument. In 2008, FIFA ruled that vuvuzela’s would be allowed in stadiums for the 2010 World Cup. The argument for banning the vuvuzela is obvious to anyone who has watched a Confederations Cup game: it certainly produces quite a racket, one that appears to be an uncoordinated din of a million bees, following in the footsteps of the rattle and the thunderstick and the regular air horn.
Yet unlike the thunderstick or the rattle, the vuvuzela is an instrument that when co-ordinated, actually has a purpose in leading sections of the stadium in sound and song which has not come across on television. What better expression of that principle can there be than a musical ensemble where each player only has one note to play ?
Do we really want FIFA to further sanitise and regulate fan culture at the World Cup by banning the vuvuzela, just so we’re all comfortable in our armchairs with surround sound on?
They barely make a tinny quack sound, like the echo of clap reflecting off an empty playground. My favorite part of watching the World Cup is seeing all the different countries cheer on their teams, with songs, chants, drums, and dancing.
If the games *can* actually be recorded so that chants, songs, and horn rhythms can all be heard distinctly at a normal volume, then fine.

This is probably the best article I have ever seen written on the topic of Vuvuzela’s. It isn’t mentioned here that the South Korean fans also audibly cheer their team and create a great atmosphere which I certainly enjoy while watching their games. I just hope the tv networks find a way to allow us to watch our teams without feeling like we are in traffic jam.
I hear grinding noise 2002 ford, I hear a low grinding noise in the back of my 2002 ford explorer and at speeds of over 40 miles an hour it kind of swerves left and right with a low drum roll kind of.
Grinding noise when turning left - ford truck enthusiasts, Grinding noise when turning left 2004 - 2008 f150. Popping noise, front end - jeep cherokee forum, The cv joint in my front ds was bad and before it started to vibrate really bad, there was a gnarly kinda grinding noise coming from what i thought was the tc when in. I replaced both cv axles just over a year ago with aftermarket (new) because the original ones went bad due to the boots tearing. Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. The ear, through its complexity, does an extraordinary job of picking up tiny pressure fluctuations in the air. It will vibrate more quickly for higher frequency sounds and more slowly for low frequency sounds.
The footplate of the stirrup fits in the smaller oval window membrane, amplifying (or strengthening) the vibrations that enter the fluid-filled inner ear.
The cochlea is filled with fluid that transmits waves to the basilar membrane, a tapered membrane that splits the cochlea widthwise in two. The sound that you hear is not an exact representation of the pressure waves that reach your ear.
The ratio of energy between the sounds we can just barely hear and the sounds that are so loud that they cause us pain is about one to ten trillion.
However, because of the structure of the ear, we are best at hearing sounds in the range of normal human speech. Because of this, the loudness of a sound measured in A-weighted decibels (dBA) is closer to the loudness you hear at these intensity levels. The LEQ is essentially the average sound level as measured by the A-weighted decibel scale over a period of time. Is the vuvuzela an organic instrument of South African football culture we should respect, or a commercialised nuisance that should be banned? They had been popularised during the war as a way of warning people of gas attacks: their simple noise making capacity saved many lives. The air chambers inside the inflated plastic baton amplifies the sound of the sticks clapped together, meaning even a child can create quite a racket.
When inflated, fans hit them together for loud cheering fun while yielding a low cost, large marketing impression. Originally made out of tin, they were mass produced in plastic in the last decade and have reached a new fame with the worldwide debate on their use prompted by the hum at every Confederations Cup game in South Africa. The side men lower their horns while the leader plays and suddenly point them skyward as they hit their note. This is an absolutely exhilarating experience which was created by human societies many thousands of years ago at the very beginning of humanity to make their communities stronger.
Like how the english politely clap after a good tackle or clear or how Mexicans call every GK a male whore.
That line of argument sounds like justification for something that is easy to pass out to every fan and makes a huge racket. You are coming down to Mzantsi (South Africa) and the sooner you accept the vuvuzela the better for you.
The pinna also helps us detect where a sound is coming from a€” sound coming from different directions will bounce off the curves of the pinna in different ways that the brain can distinguish and interpret. We hear high frequency sounds as higher in pitch and low frequency sounds as lower in pitch.

This occurs because smaller vibrations over a larger area, the eardrum, are leveraged through the bones to create bigger vibrations over a smaller area, the oval window. The basilar membrane is lined with hair cells that are connected to nerves that send the vibrations signals to the brain for perception and interpretation.
However, we don't hear the painful sound as being ten trillion times louder than the sound we can just barely hear.
The relative sensitivities of human hearing have been plotted in the form of equal loudness contours as seen in Figure 2.
It is used over a 24 hour period with 10 dB added to the sounds occurring between 10 pm and 7 am to calculate the Day-Night Level (DNL). So is the vuvuzela an organic instrument of South African football culture we should respect, or a commercialised nuisance that should be banned? Holding the handle and spinning the rattle made a loud clacking noise, and this was soon transported to the terraces. The advantage of thundersticks from a commercial standpoint is that, unlike rattles, they are large enough to feature a prominent company logo and can be produced cheap enough to mass distribute for free before games. Thunder Stick are the ideal promotional product for giveaways at basketball, hockey, soccer, football, and lacrosse games. Many mistake the vuvuzela for the air horns used commonly around the world, but they have a different origin and use as an instrument in South Africa. All of a sudden people would go to the stadiums because of this instrument that was able to get fans on their feet and start cheering. Specifically,  the horns are played in a call-and-response pattern that involves a leader who plays a complex rhythm and a group of players who punctuate that pattern on a specific beat. It’s reminiscent of something jazz or even marching band horn sections have done for decades. Why instead ban a noisemaker that has been proven to have an instrumental purpose and meaning to South Africans?
I tried to watch the Brazil v Italy game thenight but my head was nipping after 15 minutes. If you cant take the noise, its a pity you would need to wait for another 4 years to watch the games. This causes the eardrum to be less flexible and to transmit less vibration to the middle and inner ear, protecting the ear from damage. An increase of 10 decibel (dB) in a 1 kilohertz (1 thousand vibrations cycles per second) sound is perceived as twice as loud. Each line, or contour, in the graph represents the pairs of frequencies and intensity levels (measured in decibel) that sound equally loud to us. I switched over to watch something else, and the relief from that droning bee-buzzy noise was just wonderful. For example, a 20 Hz sound (a very low pitched sound), whose intensity level is about 75 dB higher than a 3 kHz sound (a sound closer to the pitch of a human voice) will be perceived as equally loud.
Therefore, our hearing process and perception of sound are an important part of noise assessment.
Packaged in pairs for easy distribution and cleanliness, Thunder Stick are made from 100% recycled PE. I dont mind missing the Confed Cup, but I can already see me watching next years WC Finals with the sound off.
When you decide to have your function in someone’s house, you dont tell them they should behave as you say.
It has nothing to do with race but failure to understand that we have a different way of life. We doing all the organizing, so stop telling us what to do, for as long as we dont violate FIFA rules, those are global.

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