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Urology Surgical Diode Laser System Advanced solution for BPH 1. Tissue Interaction Due to the character of 980nm, unsurpassed absorption in water and hemoglobin, it allows controlled tissue ablation and enables a bloodless field for most surgical procedures. Low Level Laser Therapy Machine act on the organism better and have a efficient and rapid treatment effect.

So the wavelength of 980nm is the best choice for both cutting and coagulating soft tissue. We are a high-tech enterprise, mainly engaged in the production and marketing of medical devices, with 1000 square meters of supplying and manufacturing base for sterile equipment.
Medical has successfully developed the low-power multi-wavelength semiconductor laser therapeutic apparatus and high power diode laser treatment machines.

With modern management methods, advanced management and technical support through a powerful and perfect after-sales service system, we have won the majority of users' trust.

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