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AIED occurs when the body's immune system attacks cells in the inner ear that are mistaken for a virus or bacteria. The exact clinical description can vary somewhat; however, most agree that the syndrome follows a fairly typical course. Every day brings hope of new discoveries and gains in research being conducted in the field of autoimmune diseases.
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If you've enjoyed spending some time here, please consider a small gift to offset our hosting fee. Fluctuating, progressive, unilateral (in one ear) or bilateral (in both ears) hearing loss, usually in lower frequencies.
In most cases, there is reduction of hearing accompanied by tinnitus, as a ringing, hissing, roaring noise, which occurs over a few months.

AIED will manifest as rapidly progressing, nerve related hearing loss that is most commonly bilateral.
Our stories of using stem cells to combat the progession of MS and the discovery of new protiens that may  counter the effects of autoimmune diseases are only a few articles that give us hope that cures are soon to come. Livedo reticularis can be a normal condition that is simply more obvious when a person is exposed to the cold. It is characterized by episodes of vertigo and tinnitus and progressive hearing loss, usually in one ear. We include links to sites with more information that may be useful to people who are unfortunately afflicted with the diseases we've posted.
If we have used an image and failed to attribute it properly, we will be most happy to do that or remove it from the site. Twenty percent of patients have other autoimmune diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis or lupus.

Typically, it begins unilaterally and ultimately affects the other ear, and it can occur suddenly. An early diagnosis is important because treatment cannot only stop the disease progression but in some cases can reverse the damage. Hopefully, we will see some major breakthroughs that will help all of us who live with autoimmune problems everyday.
The condition affects people differently; it can range in intensity from being a mild annoyance to a chronic, lifelong disability.

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