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Toddler wheezing, while it could be common, could be brought on by a variety of factors or a combination of them. For instance, if your toddler also appears to have throat pain and is also coughing and is drooling it could be that he or she has swallowed something and can't breathe properly. Treatment for Toddler wheezing Your pediatrician will be able to guide you with regards to the probable causes of wheezing in the toddler and will help you out with appropriate treatment and home care.
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When stroke is the cause of facial paralysis, the person may still be able to close the eye on the affected side, as well as wrinkle the forehead.

Wheezing in toddlers could be the result of asthma, allergies, bronchitis, heart problems and other such issues.
Usually bouts of wheezing are pretty common in kids with respiratory allergies and usually come on more when hay fever season commences, in some cases, emergency medical care may be needed when wheezing is accompanied by alarming symptoms. Wheezing can be alarming to watch but it is important that the caregiver stay calm and note down any other signs and symptoms which go along with it. This is because different wheezing causes indicate different problems and ultimately different solutions. For instance, if the wheezing is brought on by an asthma attack or an allergy problem, the solution may lie in reducing the little one's exposure to the offending allergen.

There are other home remedies and medical support that can prove useful in such cases like the use of inhalers. It is important to let your child's doctor know about this since the chief sign of chronic respiratory disease asthma is the classic wheezing. If you find that your toddler is truly having problems in breathing, it is important to call emergency services since it could cause a number of complications.

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