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Some people with rosacea have chronically flushed skin on their cheeks, nose, chin and neck.
Thickened, bumpy skin is the hallmark of this type of rosacea; a reddened, bulbous nose is a common feature, but the skin on the cheeks, chin and ears can also become thickened, with large pores and an orange peel appearance. This type of rosacea mainly affects the area around the eyes, which become very dry, reddened and irritated. Bai Ling displaying her gothic wicked beauty in The Crow.I have been writing several culture-related articles lately, so I thought that it would be a good idea to alternate with something more lightweight and visually appealing, for a change!I am one of those people whose appearance pretty much reflects their personal interests and passions in a way that much of it can be read by a knowing eye, projecting a clear idea of what I am about (I guess that would make me an objective work of art, according to Gurdjieff, ha ha). Rosacea often goes undiagnosed because the adults affected by it think they have acne or just flush easily.
Surgery is the best way to treat it; excess skin can be removed by laser and dermabrasion can sand down the roughened skin.
Washing the eyelids with a mild baby shampoo after first soaking the eyelashes and lids with a clean washcloth soaked in hot water daily helps; using artificial tears helps keep the eyes lubricated.
The widening of my scope in both literature and art, which happened at the beginning of this year, is starting to get reflected in my aesthetic choices. I know there isn't really anything to be overly excited about on a Monday, but you have to try to remain positive!

However, like acne, this type of rosacea often responds to oral antibiotic medications such as metronidazole, or treatment with the acne drug Accutane. Mysticism, the occult, eastern philosophy and the obscure fringes of reality are an increasing influence on my mind and style.
Some people have a little of each subtype of rosacea, while others have primarily one type. People who have a history of sties may have this type of rosacea, which can damage the cornea of the eye if not properly treated. This is a list of the things that are a regular part of my inspiration now:Multiple ear piercingsThis is one of those things that I have been wanted to do for ages, but I keep postponing it because piercings take a goddamn long time to heal for me, and just to think of going through the agony of dealing with an unhealed piercing for almost nine months or so is off-putting. After a few months, oral antibiotics should be stopped and topical antibiotics should be used. However, I love the way multiple ear piercings look, especially when the jewelry combination is well coordinated. If you learn how to do French and Dutch braids, they can make your hair go from shapeless to high-maintenance looking and elegant in under 10 minutes.
Currently, my hair is just long enough to cover my boobs, and that is the point where the ends start looking ratty, no matter how much serum and argan oil I treat them with.

I am currently taking a biotin + zinc supplement and eating a lot of oily fish (salmon and sardines) and avocado to see if that can help the cause.
Any suggestions on how to grow long, healthy hair would be deeply appreciated!Why do I want to have crazily long hair? I saw this editorial a few weeks ago and I thought it was brilliant (I wish I could pull off hair like that!):Cool New Rock boots + Feminine dress combo.I even have almost the exact same boots! Just like everywhere else, the healing crystal mania and other new agey beliefs were in full bloom in my hometown; you could find beautiful crystals and minerals everywhere, for low prices.
All their pieces are inspired by the occult, the magickal and the mystical, with a good dose of folklore and fantasy.
I got this beautiful crystal-quartz pendant adorned with a little garnet and a crystal:In Mexico, I got this ring for an unbelievably cheap price. It is a one of a kind, artisan made ring with small unpolished moonstone and jadeite beads:A hint to the MysticalI think my current reads and personal research subjects are starting to hit my looks and style as well.

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