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Jewelry Making Journalfree jewelry tutorials, plus a friendly community sharing creative ideas for making and selling jewelry.
Last spring after finishing a remodeling job that included some electrical work the contractor asked me if I had any use for the leftover pieces of copper wire.
I’m in favor of recycling and re-purposing so you can imagine all of the ideas that started forming in my mind.
I started out making simple pendants then moved on to more and more complex pendant designs.
So I began calling around to various home improvement centers to see what gauges of wire they had. After that I made a few with silver and some with brass, some with little waves and other with bigger waves.
The only other tools used are a pair of round nose pliers for the small loops and my fingers. I have a cheap pair of needle nose pliers with heavily padded jaws to make bigger loops and curves but I don’t generally use them on the circle cuffs.
I have been dragging along a huge spool of insulated copper wire thinking that someday I would strip off the insulation and start playing with the stuff to see if I could use it in my work.
Love this bracelet design and what a great way to ‘go green’ and recycle and use materials that might have been thrown out!
We’ve been purchasing copper wire from Home Depot for quite some time…thus far, the clerks that cut the wire have become fascinated when we tell them we use them for jewelry! I went to Harbor Freight and bought a set of copper washers in a wide variety of sizes for about $9. My brother is an electrician and he gives me loads of old copper wire that he doesn’t need. So it makes me feel good that I am recycling and helping the planet whilst making beautiful pieces of jewellery with it.
Aww I love that cuff… I only work with Silver, but have often thought about copper because its cheaper and I like the colour!!! I also found copper and aluminum wire at the hardware store and leftover scraps at the building supply recycle site. I make earrings just like the bracelet you posted here, and then I fill in those circles with handmade Japanese washi paper in different colors. Also in the recycling mode—i use old knitting needles as my mandrels for wire wrapping.
My only complaint about copper is that it can sometimes tarnish a black-grey, which I don’t like. If you want to work harden silver or copper, just tap it several times with a rubber tipped hammer. Although electricity is used in every aspect of our lives, it is very dangerous for you to mess with if you haven’t been formally trained and educated. Once you’ve polished and to avoid tarnishing a light sealing with clear laquer or nail polish slows down the process and helps protect it from scratches. Get every strategy and secret I've learned from years of selling my handmade jewelry at shows. Copyright © 2003-2016, Rena Klingenberg (or guest author named in article byline), and may not be reproduced without author's permission. After forming the shank, you’ll have the fun of using your pliers and your creativity to shape your wire ends into an infinite variety of designs for the top of the ring! Below are the three ways I’ve folded my wire to create the ring shanks shown in this tutorial. I find that I end up with better ring designs when I DON’T fold the wire exactly in the center. Having one wire end longer than the other allows for more interesting designs for the top of the ring!
Wrap your flat-folded wire around your ring mandrel, and use your hammer to pound the shank into a nice ring shape. Hammer starting at the folded end, then moving around to the wire on the back of your mandrel, and on around to where your wires meet up with the fold.
Use your pliers and your imagination to create artistic shapes with your two long wire ends. Hammering the fancy wirework will ensure your design will curve naturally around the top surface of the wearer’s finger. I created this ring from a flat-folded wire that I wrapped around the mandrel straddle-style.
The ring below was made with a round-folded piece of wire – and it was wrapped around the mandrel spiral-style (NOT straddle-style).
If you shape your two long wire ends into curls and swirls as I’ve done, the square fold is a nice contrast to the curves.

And if you’re interested in an even simpler wire ring design, be sure to see my super-easy Wire Wrap Rings Tutorial. By the end of this online video class, youa€™ll be designing and making your own artistic earwires, clasps, connectors, and pendant bails.
You’ll also learn my tips for making wire jewelry more easily, with more professional looking results.
Shiloh – if you hammer the finished ring very well on your mandrel, it will become quite sturdy. Zoraida, I love hearing about your experiences with making, selling, and wearing rings like this. I think adjustable rings are also easier to sell, because they can fit a variety of fingers! Rena, I know you are a marvelous blessing to many of us for sharing such beautiful creations.
Rena thanks so much for sharing, I have a show in less than two weeks these would be perfect….take about timing!! Wire is probably my favourite jewellery making medium and I can never go past a tutorial about wire rings.
Find best value and selection for your Crochet BEADED Wire Bead Jewelry Patterns Book Necklace search on eBay. The beaded memory wire bracelet pattern on the Making Friends website details how to make a simple beaded bracelet that holds its Free Beaded Jewelry Pattern Ideas. Crochet Wire Beads Free Patterns, Bead Wire Jewelry Pattern Free – Birdhouse Quilt Pattern – wire beads, crochet wire jewelry, wire crochet, Crochet Wire Jewelry Patterns and Bridal Jewelry by Yoola on Etsy.
At The Wire Jewelry Bootcamp Bead Store This bead was used in the Tiny Treasures Collection jewelry Patterns. Crochet Wire Beads Free Patterns, Bead Wire Jewelry Pattern Free – Birdhouse Quilt Pattern – wire beads, crochet wire jewelry, wire crochet, crochet. They would especially enjoy fancying these up with some of the variations I list at the end of this tutorial! I originally intended them to be an impulse-purchase item for little girls (which has been a very successful strategy) – but I soon discovered that teens and adults were also drawn to them, especially to wear as pinkie or toe rings. So if you’re making these to sell, you may want to also make some larger ones to fit adults. You may want to run them through your tumbler if you have one, to harden and polish them up a bit.
Instead of shaping your wire ends into simple loops, make them in to big spirals or other geometric shapes. Make one of the end loops fairly large, and use a piece of 24-gauge wire to wire-wrap a bead into it. By the end of this online video class, you’ll be designing and making your own artistic earwires, clasps, connectors, and pendant bails. Most people are happy to find a nice, well-made jewelry item they can purchase for their little girl (or themselves) for only $3!
I love this idea and will probably use it at a big craft show I have coming up in a couple months. I can visualize many ways to embellish them – maybe coil around it, make 2 rows and weave them together? I have made similar rings in the past, but I have been using 20g soft sterling silver and 14K Gold-filled square wire. I have used that brand of wire before, and it hase some sort of coating on it which caused issues when I went to oxidize it.
Just love the idea of the single wrap, I usually do a double wrap which means more money to charge. Your tutorial is so beautiful and love the ring – so friendly to make and proud to have one! I do these in sterling and copper, and yes, they are quick-sellers – but never thought about brass! And Maddy, so inspiring to hear how well you’re doing with your jewelry as a teen jewelry artist! I made a bunch of these but they are so flimsy that I wouldn’t feel right selling them for $3.00!
But if you’re using brass, copper, sterling silver, or other usual jewelry wires and your rings feel flimsy, you could always slip your rings onto a ring mandrel and hammer-harden them with a nylon or plastic hammer.
Great ideas, Julie – I think these rings are especially appealing to people when each ring has unique touches. The most recent designs are made with a series of continuous circles that are formed around a sharpie pen.
I put them through my rolling mill to distort the shapes and they make great necklaces and bracelets.

Beats me, but since copper is inexpensive enough to play with, you could experiment to your heart’s content.
My wife and I are in the Spring, TX area and we recently had some work done by Mister Sparky. I recently started making wire rings, They are quick, fun, cheap and best part my customers love them! A simple spool of 28-gauge metallic wire, a handful of beads, jewelry clasps and findings, and a HOW TO MAKE A BEADED SCROLLED WIRE BRACELET, wire wrapped jewelry, free pattern, cord jewelry, wire jewelry, how to make your own, WIMW: Wire Wrap Cabochon Pattern, Botswana Agate Pendant, Seed Bead Cuff.
Quick and easy crochet bracelets, earrings, or necklaces are also the perfect warm Exotic Red, Orange, and Brown Wood Bead Pattern on jewelry wire with c Jewelry Making Beads, Wire, Beaded Jewelry, Silver, Copper, Brass. Learn to crochet necklace, bracelet, and earring designs in wire crochet, beaded crochet, and more! 10 Sentence Crochet Wire Beads Free Patterns, Bead Wire Jewelry Pattern Free – Wire Crochet Patterns – .
You can quickly make a ton of these from bits of wire left over from other projects, or from a pile of new wire pieces you cut to size.
In my small jewelry business the only thing that I sell used to be earrings, but now these rings seem easy to make!
Lately I have been giving away small beaded bracelets to the little ladies who have been coming by so they would feel special. I do our little town spring and fall street fests, and many people are not really there to buy, but this could absolultely be a “must have” for the many teens that come by!
Is there a profit at all with the price of your supplies and how long they take you to make and the equipment cost, etc: just something to think about. Just made a bunch of these little pinky rings for Christmas presents to include with beaded bracelets I also made. That is one of the really FUN things about these, is the serendipitous designs that magically develop.
If you’ve got a broken vacuum cleaner around, get that screw driver out and dig into the motor of it.
Do you have to coat it in anything to stop it turning that funny green colour and tarnishing? In any case I think it would be difficult to place and retrieve it without the jewelry or your hands getting hurt. We were so delighted by the job that they did that my wife wants to send the tech something to say thank you.
The rubber won’t mar the surface but will compress the crystals in the metal so it will retain its shape.
Easy Free Bead Patterns Glass Beads and Patterns for Making Wire Jewelry To view our free patterns for making jewelry with beads and jewelry wire, please select either WigJig University Wire Crochet with beads and semi-precious stones – Unique. A free pony bead bracelet pattern from Dragon’s Lair Beads [?]Subscribe To This Site.
Embellish them, or using craft wire, and making them bigger, they would make elegant napkin rings.
I’m not a big fan of wire jewelry but I made some of these in nu gold ( brass) wire and they are ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! Access to 135 streaming wire Start with crochet jewelry with beads and move to crochet wire jewelry patterns. Plus, you can sign up for even more original wire jewelry patterns on our Patterns & Ideas page! Can anyone recommend what type of tools and equipment I would need to cut it and smooth it out? These rings would be a perfect activity and favor for my daughter’s upcoming birthday party too! My hubby has learned living with me not to throw anything away that’s broken without looking inside for treasures. Jewelry Making Supplies and Wire Wrapped Jewelry Supplies Alexandrite Wire Earring Pattern and Kit! Good websites with free wire Free beaded bracelet pattern with easy beading instructions for this beautiful seed bead bracelet design, created with fine jewelry making wire. Folks love that I can whip a custom made ring up while they’re shopping the produce stalls at the farmer’s market! There was at least 3 different gauges of wire inside, with 20-30 feet of each gauge – all for a little time to take the thing apart.

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