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In 630 AD Heraclius invaded Persia, seized the True Cross and restored it back to Constantinople after it had been stolen during the sacking of the city by Sasanian king Khusro II.
Davebella David Bela 2015 male child autumn outfit new stripe long sleeved T-shirt children T 01001 - Mlyar Login Register login or Register --> My Account Shopping Cart Customer Service Customer Service Office Hours: Mon. Carthage, in Zeugitana on the north coast of Africa, in modern TunisiaThis index includes Greek and Provincial issues. 300 BC, Head of Tanit left, crowned with wreath of corn, wearing earring with triple pendants and necklace. Head of Tanit left, crowned with wreath of corn, with earring with triple pendants and 10 pendant necklace, pellet before. Lovely Roman gold earring with a male putti; a grape vine wreath over his right shoulder and draped across his body, garnet cabochon set above the head. Gorgeous gold earring with a dangling cross, the arms of the cross supported by a circular band of twisted wire.

Etched with a beautiful depiction of winged Victory walking left, apparently playing a musical instrument of some sort!
Gorgeous gold ring, set with original carved carnelian stone intaglio depicting a standing eagle. Beautiful, gracefully-curved band, original green glass faceted glass or stone still set in bezel. Band cracked, otherwise nicely preserved and could probably be made wearable by a knowledgeable jeweler.
An intricate gold pendant in the form of a crescent moon, with inlaid spiral design and knobbed ridge, gold mounting loop on top. Bust of Christ facing wearing nimbus cross with two crescents in its upper quarters, holding book of gospels and raising right hand, triple border.
Excellent sharply struck example on an exceptionally wide flan, especially nice obverse with great style head of Arethusa on the flan surrounded by dolphins with excellent detail.

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Excessively rare, one of the largest, rarest and most impressive of all Greek coins and missing from many major collections. There is evidence this issue may have been struck by an Italian mint under Hannibal during his occupation of Italy. Nearly all the very few extant examples are in very worn condition as is the current example.
A wonderful large well centered example with great detail, style and a choice chestnut patina.

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