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Hot on the heels of his first musical release in over a decade, Will Smith has announced that he has recorded approximately 30 new tracks and is planning a new album and world tour in 2016 with longtime collaborator DJ Jazzy Jeff, according to an interview on Beats 1 Radio. Until his recent single-track collaboration with Colombian pop outfit Bomba Estero, Fiesta, hit the Internet late last week, Smith hadn’t released new recorded material since his 2005 album Lost and Found. But there’s more where that came from — the actor has reportedly been in the studio every day he isn’t filming, and looks to release a new studio album next year. Smith says after 10 years out of music, he is still trying to find his voice again. This is good news for fans of hits like Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It, who were slightly disappointed with the rapper’s latest track.

As far as quality musical creations are concerned, the star says that his success often comes from failure — the reason he is is sitting on his 30 unreleased tracks, perhaps. Failure or not, at this point any news of a Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff reunion is excellent, especially if they do end up taking that show on an extended road trip together; If fans have to stomach a few less-than-stellar new tracks before they can hear the pair perform Miami in the flesh, so be it.
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