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Edgy, but feminine at the same time, this butterfly embossed dog tag necklace is so charming. Marcasite jewelry has such a fantastic vintage feel to it that makes it incredibly charming and elegant. Animal jewelry is so beautiful, especially our Celynda butterfly necklace if we do say so ourselves. It is made from sterling silver that has an antique hammered finish to give it an artistic look.

Made of rich sterling silver, this necklace has an antique hammered finish so that is looks that there is a story behind it. This fashionable necklace is made of rich sterling silver and has an antique hammered finish to give it an artistic look. It has an old world look that will have everyone wondering which antique store you got this expensive find from. The intertwining design and the black beads give off a stunning vintage inspired jewelry feel.

In the center is a raised heart with flames coming out of the top of it and thorns winding around its middle.
It has been given an antique finish and the key pendant has been inlaid with glittering brown crystal stones.

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