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Our baby ear piercing service which is performed by our pediatrician is safe and sterile and will give your little ones minimal discomfort with no allergic reactions. We serve the following cities in Gwinnett county - Lawrenceville, Duluth, Grayson, Dacula, Lilburn, Snellville and Norcross.
Whether it’s you, your newborn, or your teenager, our safe and convenient pediatrician run clinics are here for you. Gift Cards now Available!The Perfect Gift for Birthdays, Holidays & Special Occasions! Piercings are performed on children from the age of 2 months (after the first set of immunizations) to adults.

However, we have had customers come in from as far as Marietta and North Carolina to experience our quality of service. We use pure, homogeneous titanium of a medical grade quality because of it superior non-allergenic characteristics.
There are no health reasons to get your ears pierced and most people get their ears pierced due to personal or cultural preferences. Estrella Pediatrics offers medical ear piercing to established patients as an alternative to mall kiosks or home piercing. The system also uses hypoallergenic medical grade earrings so you do not have to worry about allergic reactions.

I felt safe going there and wasn't worried about getting an infection because everything is sterile. It is only the skin friendly, pure, homogeneous titanium that comes into direct contact with the skin.

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