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At Medical Ear Piercing, we provide a safe and gentle alternative to mall kiosks and tattoo parlors. The cartilage is the firm tissue which gives the ear, nose or other parts of the body it’s shape and structure.
There is not the same kind of “built-in” protection against infection in cartilage as there is in the soft part of the ear (the ear lobe). We do not offer or recommend cartilage piercings as it has many dangers.

Our nurses are sensitive to the concerns and needs of parents, and are happy to accommodate in any way possible. The white cells and the oxygen in the red cells of the blood act as a defense against infection. This ENCAPSULATED CASSETTE contains one ear stud and one butterfly for one ear piercing operation (not two as with other systems).
We are able to provide our piercing services to babies of all ages, as long as their earlobes are fully developed.

As there are no blood vessels in the cartilage there is no defense mechanism against infection.
Infection that occurs around the cartilage is called perichondritis. This infection may not respond to topical antibiotics.

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