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Meningitis refers to a clinical syndrome that is characterized by an inflammation of the 3 layers of tissue that line the spinal cord.
Most cases of meningitis result from bacterial or viral infections that enter the meninges through the blood from another part of the body. Infants with meningitis may demonstrate a bulging fontanelle, unless the infant is dehydrated. It is critical for a physician to obtain a thorough history when evaluating patients with signs or symptoms that may result from meningitis.
Physical findings that should be assessed and noted by the clinician include the presence or absence of prominent lymph nodes, any swelling in the optic disc of the retina (this must be documented after a thorough examination with an otoscope), neck stiffness (known as meningismus) and any nerve palsies in the face.
When a diagnosis of meningitis is suspected, the clinician should obtain a complete blood count, and lab work should also assess blood glucose, electrolytes, renal function, and liver function.
Because bacterial meningitis is so deadly, it is critical for the clinician to begin prompt antibiotic therapy when the patient presents with the suspected diagnosis. When a lumbar puncture is completed, several lab tests that include a bacterial culture and sensitivity should be ordered, but antibiotic therapy for presumed organisms should be initiated immediately after lumbar puncture. When patients develop meningitis as a result of a hospital-acquired infection, antibiotics are often directly administered into the spinal fluid. A partial list of immediate and delayed complications of meningitis include septic shock and coma, seizures, septic arthritis, hemolytic anemia, and pericardial effusions; deafness, cranial nerve paralysis, focal paralysis, hydrocephalus, cognitive deficits, ataxia, blindness and peripheral gangrene. If you or a family member has experienced any complications, morbidity or death as a result of undiagnosed or improperly treated meningitis, or as a result in a delay in treatment, then you should contact Passen Law Group at 312-527-4500 for a Free Consultation.
Hearing loss can affect a childa€™s ability to develop communication, language, and social skills. The earlier children with hearing loss start getting services, the more likely they are to reach their full potential. Children reach milestones in how they play, learn, speak, behave, and move (for example, crawling and walking). High season is nearing the end in the annual battle against meningitis in many countries of equatorial Africa.
MelAus PartnersMENINGITIS BRAIN SYMPTOMSSymptoms and death and hearing loss, brain, producing symptoms of the brain.
After initial hearing aid fitting, patients may find that it takes several weeks to adjust to the new hearing.
If the hearing loss is profound, that is unaidable with a powerful hearing aid, then the patient may be a candidate for a cochlear implant. If you have any questions about Sensorineural Hearing Loss, treatment, billing, or insurance, please feel free to call Dr.

Some infections that may cause meningitis include skin infections, infections of the respiratory or gastrointestinal tract and infections of the nasopharynx and sinuses. However, it is also very important to obtain a sample of spinal fluid to send to the laboratory for evaluation of the type of bacteria causing the infection.
Other complications of acute bacterial meningitis include low blood pressure, or shock; poor tissue oxygenation, low blood sodium levels that may lead to seizures, cardiac arrhythmia and even strokes.
Cerebral edema, or swelling of the brain, is common to bacterial meningitis in different degrees.
According to the Centers for Disease Control , there have been over 25,000 suspected cases so far this year in an area that stretches from Mali and Senegal in the west to Ethiopia and Eritrea in the east. The CDC has a website for frequently asked questions about meningitis and the World Health Organization provides useful information on its website. The type of hearing aid in terms of power, size, options, and costs are best determined by you and your audiologist. Moreover, with the small discreet hearing aids available today, one is more likely to lose them in their pockets or in the bureau drawer.
This surgical implanted device bypasses the nerve endings to stimulate directly the auditory nerve fibers to give hearing. This presentation is fairly common, but meningitis may be subacute, which may result in delayed diagnosis. This is known as “paradoxical irritability.” A high-pitched cry or a loss of muscle tone (floppiness) may occur in infants with meningitis. Exposure to patients or even animals with similar symptoms, a travel history, consideration of epidemiological factors, seasonal factors and risk factors are all critical pieces of information that should be acquired during the patient interview.
Empiric therapy refers to prompt treatment with antibiotics that are tailored to cover the most likely organism.
Cortical blindness, learning disabilities, cerebral palsy and mental retardation may occur with damage to the tissues of the brain as a result of meningitis. If you are a parent and you suspect your child has hearing loss, trust your instincts and speak with your childa€™s doctor. Symptoms may include severe headache, a stiff neck, fever, vomiting, a marked sensitivity to light, and delirium. Though there is no guarantee that vaccinations will eliminate your chance of contracting the infection, they are safe, effective and highly recommended.
Your (otologist) physician’s job is to try to establish the cause of your sensorineural hearing loss which then determines its treatment. Very mild hearing loss may be best managed with Assistive Listening Devices (ALD) and strategic optimization of the listening environment when possible.

Bacterial meningitis is a dangerous disease process that attacks the central nervous system.
In the United States, there are approximately 4100 cases of bacterial meningitis per year, with 500 annual deaths. Other symptoms include photophobia (light sensitivity), sleepiness, nausea and vomiting, irritability, confusion, and other mental status changes that may include coma. Some risk factors for meningitis include ages under five years of greater than 60 years, systemic diseases that include diabetes and renal insufficiency, immunosuppression (as in HIV or in patients on immunosuppressant drugs), contiguous infections that include sinusitis and otitis, splenectomy and crowded conditions that increase the risk of meningitis outbreaks. In order to make this type of judgment, the physician should be aware of the most probable organisms by age group and geographic location. If the hearing aids are adjustable with hand controls, it may take a few weeks until sufficient dexterity and familiarity with these controls are achieved. It is critical to diagnose this process quickly, because any delay in treatment may result in brain damage or death. Patients suffering from less severe viral meningitis may demonstrate symptoms of fatigue, diminished appetite and muscle pain. 25% of patients with acute bacterial meningitis have sinusitis or otitis upon presentation. Meningitis may result in hearing loss, mental deficits, paralysis, peripheral gangrene, or seizures. The Hib vaccine has dramatically diminished the incidence of meningitis in infants due to Haemophilus influenza type B.
Up to 40% of patients with acute or subacute bacterial meningitis have been treated prior to presentation with oral antibiotics due to an incorrect diagnosis of their symptoms. He is also a private emergency physician in Southern California and a former emergency department director and member of the UCLA emergency department staff. The infection is spread by breathing in the small droplets of fluid from the sneezing or coughing of those affected. Fortunately, the two commercial vaccines available in the United States (MPSV4 or Menomune and MCV4 or MenactraT) provide protection against the most common types of infection.
Students who are immunized against meningitis in preparation for dormitory living in the U.S. Linings surrounding the twomeningitis is the brain,meningitis inflammation of the inflammation.

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