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The hammered finish of this Devon Leigh ring adds a bohemian sensibility to its sculptural silhouette. The ring is made of smooth, brushed goldtone metal with a bright poppy red enamel butterfly shape that contains a CC logo. The perfect everyday accessory, this set of three timeless rings is cast from gold-plated brass that's polished to a high-shine finish.

Meticulously composed in Italy, this finished metal piece features a navy Swarovski crystal surrounded by turquoise beads and accentuated with a centre stud. Trimmed with small white glass beads, match yours with bold prints and metallic mules for an on-brand take on warm weather dressing. The crystal details and CC logo in the center add a touch of glamor and fun to this fantastic piece of Chanel's costume jewelry collection.

Fully reversible, this elegant 18k pink gold ring features three encrusted 2ct of colourful diamonds on one side and a smooth plain surface on the other.

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