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The process of perforating the helix or upper ear using a small gauged hollow piercing needle in order to insert a jewelry or ring is known as helix piercing. This kind of piercing is generally done with a sterile hollow needle of 18 gauge or even curved ones mainly used by novice piercers.
Though not too painful as the helix is without any nerve endings, people may go through pain if too much pressure is exerted on the cartilage by the piercer during the perforation process.
The piercing should be touched to the minimum for a few days as constant contact with it may hurt the tender tissue, leading to inflammation and pain. Do not bring the pierced are in contact with makeup, body sprays, perfumes or any other fluids. Cleaning the area with cotton or washing with warm water will help in preventing infection. It is recommended to sleep on your back, avoid swimming or wearing earmuffs to avoid putting pressure on your ear. Avoid picking at the crust formed by the lymphatic fluid as it may lead to bacterial infection. The pain may last for about 2 to 4 months, which also depends on the care and precautions taken after piercing. Single helix piercing: This refers to the single perforation made in the upper cartilage or helix region.

Double helix piercing: Here double perforations are made in the upper cartilage of the ear. Anti helix piercing: Also known as the snug, the piercing passes through the anti helix region (inner cartilage ridge) from the middle to the side. Inner helix piercing: Here the inner cartilage of the ear is pierced with a small curved needle. Forward helix piercing: This piercing is done in the upper part of the helix where the ear and head meet. Helix orbital piercing: Here two piercings are done side by side in such a way that the ring appears to orbit the ear. What is high nostril piercing Nostril piercing can never go out of fashion for its umpteen variations and availability of a plethora of stylish nose jewelry.
What is third eye piercing One of the variations of bridge piercing, third eye piercing is the perforation of the bridge of the nose done vertically between the eyebrows. What are spider bites piercings Nowadays several styles of lip piercings are being sported by the young fashion-enthusiastic crowd.
A tiny cork can be used to block the opening of the ear canal, also preventing foreign particles from entering the ear. The pain generally lasts for few seconds, but may depend upon the individual’s pain bearing capacity.

Labret studs, microdermal, horseshoe circular barbell, ball closure ring, captive bead ring (CBR), hoops or studs are some options for jewelry that can be worn after piercing. However the cost approximately ranges from $20 to $50, also depending on the reputation of the shop.
The types of ear piercings that location on cartilage can be on tragus, helix and can be on other part of ear. This process requires minimum head movement as a lot of pressure is needed to puncture the area. Since the blood vessels are destroyed during the piercing process, minor bleeding occurring for about an hour need not be worried about. To get the safer ear cartilage piercing, you will need the help of the professional piercer. Gun piercing is to be avoided as it may cause sudden shock to the ear as well as lead to infection.

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