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Female Fashion in Pakistan Fashion Shows, Pakistani Dresses Discussion on current fashion and lifestyle, Get to know the best you can do for yourself. Here we are sharing some of their exclusively stunning and beautiful pearl jewelry collection of necklaces and earrings which is very wonderful and charming. Each year Harrods creates a unique Teddy Bear for Christmas and to celebrate our first year in Harrods we created an exclusive Teddy Bear pearl pendant.
Due to the huge success, this Spring 2013 Mikimoto is delighted to introduce 2 new editions to this lovely Teddy Bear Pearl Pendant one in 18k pink gold and one 18k white gold.

Lustrous white Mikimoto Akoya cultured pearls embraced by curved rows of brilliant diamonds in 18K white gold. Featuring Mabe pearls set in an 18kt yellow gold design, this versatile pair can lend themselves to a variety of occasions. Diamond Exchange USA is not an authorized dealer of any watch or piece of jewelry listed on our website. Cradling the symbolic Akoya cultured pearl and complete with a diamond earring this luxury Teddy Bear pendant retails from ?2,100.

Diamond Exchange USA is not liable for clerical errors and reserves the right to change prices at any time without notice.

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