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Parents of children with disabilities know that part of parenting is navigating complex systems and resources. Her first stop was talking to the professionals already working with Jordan on speech and language. Communication apps and devices allow a user to point to pictures and symbols to communicate words and ideas, that are then voiced aloud through synthetic or recorded speech. The next step was a communication evaluation, where it was determined that a NovaChat would be the best device for Jordan.
Support for Families referred Jasmin to the device lending library at ILRCSF, run through Ability Tools.  Jasmin began browsing the Ability Tools website. Jasmin also discovered that the device lending library at CRIL in Hayward had a NovaChat, but it was being used by another borrower. Jordan now has his own NovaChat, which he uses when he needs to communicate without distractions, such as during school hours.
The Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) Program is a national effort to identify babies with hearing loss at birth. The Chapter membership was surveyed about their educational needs and the ways they preferred to access information. Hearing is important sensory function which will enables normal speech of the child and likewise help in appropriate development of the child. Hearing impairment is commonly seen in disabled children like Down’s syndrome, Mental Retardation and Intellectual disability. Early diagnosis with screening done in these children will lead to lot of improvement in the overall development. Hearing aids and teaching them sign language and also teaching their family members the sign language is a helpful process which will ease out communication needed for day to day activities.
Multichannel cochlear implants are the result of recent advances taking place in the field of medicine. For Info : 10 points will be allocated for comments with minimum character limit of 50 & Above.
Contact us A» Professionals A» Telecom A» Main Siteabout the projectTelecommunicationsWith the liberalization of the telephone market, telecommunication network vendors are not highly restricted to standards, unlike the previous state-run networks used to be.
The first listening test results indicate that hearing impaired listeners judge the overall quality of degraded speech less critically than normal hearing listeners. Generally speaking, early treatment and training can help to minimize the developmental problems caused by hearing impairment. If the impairment is incurable, the child may need to use a hearing aid or receive a cochlear implant, depending on the nature of the lesion.
When Jasmin asked that Jordan be evaluated for a communication device, it was recommended that Jordan receive more therapy first. By providing his speech therapist with footage of Jordan successfully using the app, Jasmin was able to demonstrate that he was ready for a communication device of his own. She had heard of Ability Tools before, but was thrilled to discover it again, just when she needed it.

She wants other parents of children with disabilities to know that Ability Tools and device lending libraries like the one at ILRC are a great resource for trying out different assistive technologies before making a purchase. Hearing impairment has a wide limits and it can be diagnosed as mild hearing loss to profound deafness.
Hearing impairment is seen due to mal development, otitis media (infection of the ear) and congenital deformities and due to injuries to the ear. Early differentiation of the type of hearing loss and also grading will help improve the chances of treatment.
Also they can be taught to communicate by pointing to certain pictures once they reach that level of grasping. This will help children who are born with profound hearing loss or who are congenitally deaf. With the introduction of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telecom services, the situation became worse, as many new standards were introduced and compatibility between networks (plain old telephone system, POTS, integrated service digital network, ISDN, mobile networks and VoIP networks) still remains an issue. The hearing aid gives benefit to too soft loudness or it may give benefit to certain codec or VoIP telephone transmissions.
A person suffering from hearing impairment has difficulty in perceiving or identifying sound clearly due to auditory problems. With the help of appropriate auditory and speech training, even children with severe hearing impairment could gradually show improvement in response to sound.
The next hurdle was the navigation of the complex insurance approval processes, and waiting for the device to be purchased.
The very next day, Jasmin came to pick up an iPad in a rugged protective case, with the Proloquo2Go communication app installed. At home, Jordan uses both the NovaChat and the iPad, so he can communicate and have fun too. One may understand that without normal hearing in these children they face difficulties in hearing, speaking and formation of sentences in addition to very limited vocabulary. These kids face a daily struggle explaining their feelings to care givers and family members. Many of them are put in institutions where they are taught simple tasks which will give them an opportunity for earning a living enough for them. Children who grow up with these defects should work in environments where there is less noise and can communicate with either actions or pictures. Together with traditional technical disturbances like noise or echo, new disturbances or impairments - like different encoding-decoding algorithms (codecs), packet loss or bit error rates - come with the new telephone network technology. Jasmin began using a family Kindle with a free simple communication app called JabTalk with Jordan.
However, by this time, the old Kindle had broken, and Jasmin knew that Jordan needed to keep learning and practicing to communicate. Thanks to Jasmin’s persistence, Jordan now has two pieces of assistive technology so he can keep learning and communicating as he grows.
The hearing loss may delay in the development of communication both receptive and expressive.

There is dual pathology working in these kids one is reduced hearing and secondly impaired intelligence levels which prevent grasping of such kids. Disabled children itself is a big challenge they face and hearing impairment makes them totally detached from the outer world. They are taught recreational activities and artistic things as they generally have a good hand at that. These telephone transmission disturbances have been tested in the past with a wide range of tests for normal hearing users.
The language deficit causes tremendous difficulty in learning problems and also difficulty in academic achievement as against kids with normal hearing. They rely on basic hand gestures for explaining things to others but the hard fact is that the people at the opposite end should also learn and communicate in the same way. So far there are only few tests available with regard to the new network technology and new telephone transmission disturbances for hearing impaired users. Few of them have the ability to learn sign language and so they can stand a fair chance to survival.
We shortly describe what kind of old and new telephone transmission disturbances will appear on modern networks.Already the transmission quality of POTS was sensitive to a wide range of telephone transmission disturbances. Many a times those who are disabled at birth are not even tested for their hearing status considering them to be challenged individuals. The main effects on the transmission line were band limitation of 300 Hz - 3400 Hz, circuit noise caused by transmission line amplifiers, too loud or too soft loudness caused by badly chosen amplification factors, delays caused by long transmission lines and echoes caused by insufficient transmission line termination.
With the introduction of digital network components, codecs became an essential part of the transmission system, going along with codec distortions. The last major step in telephone transmission systems so far was the packet assembly of the so far continuous data stream. In Proceedings of the Conference on Assistive Technology for Vision and Hearing Impairments, Kufstein, Austria, 2006. This buffer allows data packages to arrive a bit earlier or a bit later than the mean data package would.
The jitter buffer costs time and in case a package is too late, it means this data package will be lost and has to be replaced.
In parallel to the new telephone transmission disturbances, the design of new telephone handsets comes with new telephone disturbances, like worse signal-to-noise ratio (speech-to-environmental noise ratio), not optimized listener side tone, additional codecs and echoes.
All these telephone situation related disturbances can be drawn into a schema as shown in Figure 1.

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