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Following are the signs and symptoms that should make you suspect that your child has a hearing loss and alert you to contact us or your family doctor to have your childa€™s hearing checked. The hearing ability of all children including newborn infants and young toddlers can be evaluated by either objective or behavioral measurement techniques.
Pediatric portfolio of hearing aids for children - Widex for professionalsThis website uses cookies for remembering your choices and for web statistics. They can lead to short term or long term mild to moderately severe level of hearing losses.

Behavioral testing, which might require children to wear headphones and response to sound presented to their ears, provide very useful information about childrena€™s ability to hear well before they can be capable of cooperating in a regular hearing test.
Clinical studies consistently show that even minimal hearing losses would lead to significant negative impact on the childrena€™s speech and language development. From the test result, the type and degree of hearing loss could be identified and appropriate treatments can be provided as soon as possible. In addition, children with hearing loss often do not appear to understand what is being said and frequently require repetition during daily communications.

It is therefore important for parents to observe their childrena€™s behavior and look for signs and symptoms of possible hearing loss.

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