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One of the oldest combat sports training myths is that abstaining from sex helps your performance on fight night. I'm sure the whole team pulls together and runs a train on Rhonda Rousey when prepping for a fight. Based on Rhonda's pre-fight mean mug, and post fight glow from her last 2 fights, I assume she can only reach orgasm with a another woman's arm at least elbow deep in her crotch.
I can only hope that Ronda and Carmen Valentina release a training video together, make it happen CP!

I have a sneaking suspicion there is less sex and more chindo-ing involved in Honda's romantic life than she'd have us believe. As far as sex before fight time is concerned, I remember seeing an article a while back that was studying testoterone levels after ejaculation, and it said that they were finding that your testoterone spikes to peak levels almost exactly a week afterwards. Pierre have dismissed the no-sex rule, and apparently, Ronda Rousey preps for a fight by smushing as much as possible. You guys make me laugh always, I can just never fucking tell you because my comments automatically delete when I post them.

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