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You could try getting some of those expanding foam ear plugs, punch a hole down the middle of them and use them instead of the rubber buds. Wierd, I've never, ever, had a problem with mine coming out on their own, even when really hot and sweaty, it's getting them out in a hurry I struggle with, they fit so tight. Getting them in is sometimes a hassle, I usually just moisten them to get them to slide into place, but once in, that's it.
I am the only person I know that has so much grief with getting earphones to stay put, I must have unusually shaped ear holes (I believe that is the technical term). Shures are the best sound quality but don't stay put long enough to be properly practical, close but not quite.
Sennheiser wrap around ones are decent enough sound quality but a little uncomfortable for extended use.
Sony and Sennheiser clip on ones are both uncomfortable and have weak sound as they sit awkwardly. The old style and new style apple earbuds won't even stay put for 30 seconds if I'm sat dead still. Ive used the type that loop over the ear while they do stay put never found them particularly comfortable. Dunno what the OP is like on the furry ear front but I'm bald as a coot in the ear department, no trimming required here.
I've got these: Sennheiser cx400, come with a multitude of earbuds to suit every shape under the sun and sound quality is outstanding. I'm not sure I'd bother with custom tips for normal phones, they're almost as expensive as some custom iems.
Another option is to buy something cheap, like soundmagic e10 or something and get some comply foam tips. Tweedlove Kicks Off This Week!Ritchey Bristol Bikefest Next Month, and it's probably the final one.J.

I was a carpenter for 20 odd years before i opened my own tool store and i`ve used so many types of earplugs over the years and earmuffs.
The moldex plugs seemed to be the only ones i could ever find that didn`t have real problems like the other brands. With the PlugStation, ear plugs drop right into the palm of your hand so you don’t have to worry about ear plugs falling on the floor, or trays collecting dust and contaminants, because the chute is positioned right in front of the turn handle. Pickup is available from 42 Webber Parade, Keilor East, Vic, 3033, if prior arrangements have been made. Items are sent by registered mail with Australia Post`s E-Parcel Network, or Via Fastway Couriers. All items need to be signed for and will not be left at any premises that is unattended at the time of delivery. Designed by an ear, nose and throat doctor, the original swimming headband (the popular Ear Band-It®) was created so that kids with ear tubes would have a complete, simple, and affordable system -- a pair of moldable ear plugs and a swimming ear band to hold them in place -- to keep their ears safe and dry during swimming and bathing. Please note that all swimming bands are designed for surface swimming and for general, fun splashing around - not for diving.
They were supplied with my Shure SE215's, and my MEE M6 Sports, and you can buy them separately too. In fact, my Shure ones have taken on the shape of my inner ear, almost like custom fit ones. I just had a quick count up and I currently have 8 different pairs of earphones none of which I would consider perfect. Now have some bose in ear they stay put perfectly and sound great for in ears type headphones. Not the cheapest option, to be sure, (see what I did there?), but you'll have the advantage of great sound, replacable cables, and eartips that will genuinely fit your ears, irrespective of shape, funny or not. The special foam is formulated for softness and comfort, and the outer surface is smooth, so it doesn’t irritate the ear canal.

Instead a collection card will be left in your mail box and you may collect it from your post office or call the courier for redelivery.
These soft and comfortable headbands come in a variety of fun colors and sizes to fit toddlers, children and adults. Now, other great swimming bands are also available, and these ear plug accessories have become an absolute must-have swim safety item for both children and adults with ear tubes.
There are lots of other types available though, I've tried a lot in a bid to find the perfect model. You just have to make sure that the hole in the eartip will fit over the audio tube on the earphone; MEE eartips fit large diameter tubes, and the Shure ones fit small diameter earphones, like Etymotics. On the turbo trainer they'll not stay put for more than a couple of minutes and once I get a proper sweat on there's really no point trying to put them back in. Having the cables designed to go over the top of my ears means the phones dont get yanked out of my ear'oles if the cable gats snagged. Just wear an earband over a pair of moldable silicone ear plugs, and you never have to worry about your ear plugs falling out at the pool or beach.
I've got a set of the top ones that GrahamS posted above but the angle of the earpiece makes them uncomfortable for me when worn for extended periods they do have a reasonably good sound quality though. Apart from custom fit eartips, triple-flange ones are the only sort I've ever found that will fit into my ears properly and stay there. As well as a couple of pairs similar to the GrahamS's bottom picture, by Sony and Sennheisser.

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