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Scavenged up $3 to send with David for a school lunch, and tried to figure out how to set up Libbie with a lunch account so she could buy today.
Two little ones (David was already with carpool) were excited when this came on the Sirius station, even though they play it almost every day. Make Joshua lunch, then attempt to pick up and unload the dishwasher while he’s restrained.
My dad is actually in the hospital in Greensboro, which has also been hovering around all day. This entry was posted in Just Pictures and tagged #onedayHH, a day in the life, pictures, sahm life by Jessie. Re the fire alarm – getting home while it was going on beats being home when it goes off and having to bundle all the kids into coats in a hurry. I usually pass on donuts unless they are Boston cream (what I had this morning), but I got Joshua a pumpkin donut and it was looking pretty tasty!
Had to laugh as some of your thoughts in your day echo mine (why do I not get up with an alarm, why do I not pack lunches the night before!) I have done the donut drive through more times than you since school started so definitely don’t feel guilty about that!

The friend we carpool with takes the boys back to their house in the morning before preschool. I am a little giddy, because I know one little almost-6-year-old who is going to be SO EXCITED (to look like every other little girl on Halloween …).
My friend Carrie and I joke that we populate the entire preschool department at church – we each have 3, and they are 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and almost 1.
The first month of club in the fall, my ears would near to burst during game time, with all those shrill, third and fourth grade voices yelling.
Some of the oils need diluted with a carrier oil because otherwise they will burn on your skin (peppermint and cinnamon bark are the two that come to mind). Every year Hollywood Housewife (Laura) does this thing where you can post all day on Instagram with pictures of you everyday life – messes and all. Took a nice bath, read The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie (getting close to the end!), and got dressed. I wanted to make muffins tonight but I am beat and coughing, so I will take my laptop and book and go to bed.

Really, we only do this once in awhile (I think this is the second time since school started in early August), so I refuse to be guilty about it. He was already asleep when we got here, so he went down for nap and I hope to have time to take a shower and maybe pick up the kitchen. Applied my oil regimen – I really feel like these help lift some of my depression, although I am still taking my medicine as well.
Tried my old stand-by, the Sally Hansen strips, and I couldn’t hardly get them to work either.

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