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Card is ridiculously OP, especially for the youtube music listener and multiplat PC gamer (me). Some criticism: Even as a casual, its easy to tell after awhile that the ACM is a total letdown. Headphones will be the future once proper HRTF binaural audio emulation will become a thing. When I get serious about aural immersion, I use a pair of on-ears Sennheiser Amperiors for a warm, punchy sound fit for most games. And yes, thanks to Occulus, Morpheus binaural audio will get a new rise and we will leave the dark ages of gaming audio for good.
I just own a 2.1 speaker on my PC and a headphone, will I hear improvements if I have a sound card on it ? If I have 100-150$ to play around with, would there be better options than the Xonar, because I also have a pair of KRK Rokit 5s, that are running through the standard soundcard as well.

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My Goal: My goal was to make my drum studio sound proof enough for me to practice anytime, 24 hours a day. Note I wanted to put acoustic sound foam on all walls and ceiling but when filled in the ceiling the room sounded so dead. The ceiling leaks sound really just cause I haven't finished up in the attic right above the music studio.

Playing through System Shock 2 with this set a good benchmark for the sound quality I want to hear while playing.
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