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Infection will usually occur during the healing phase of the piercing, not necessarily as a result of the piercing process itself. The basic steps in treating a wound infection include cleaning the wound, draining infected material and applying heat to promote circulation and stimulate the body's immune response.
Moist heat is best for promoting healing of an infected piercing, so a warm, wet salt-water hot-compress applied to the area would be appropriate.
Antibiotics are typically necessary if the infection has spread beyond the immediate area of the wound.
Infected cartilage piercings such as the nose and upper ear will take longer to heal, as cartilage does not have its own blood supply; it depends on the surrounding tissues to provide oxygen and nutrients by diffusion. I've had my piercing for about 5-6 months now and recently changed my jewelry about 9 days ago. I went to the shop I got pierced at last Wednesday and was told that I don't appear to have an infection but to come back for a check up in a week. I don't discriminate peeps who have them at all, but I will say belly button was possibly the worst piercing choice I ever made. When people say keloid they are often describing a thickened growth of scar tissue rather than the clinical definition of keloid scarring, which tends to be red, itchy and continue to grow until it it dealt with through medical or surgical means.
As I mentioned before, I suggest that you do not try to burn it off with aspirin paste, as this can make the scar worse. These plastic pieces are not safe, and are rarely able to be autoclave sterilized, and almost always have external screw threads and uneven surfaces.
Distributor and Body Art expert for SciCan StatIM sterilization and infection control products. Any type of surgical procedure, whether it is a tongue piercing or a kidney transplant, carries a risk of infection even if sterile technique is followed carefully. I was pierced with a j-curve because it would fit my anatomy better but was told that I could wear a regular curved barbell.

The fact that youve had it so long and its not really showing any signs of being infected I would hold off on that overcharged hospital bill. I'm just concerned because of the sudden appearance of pus, which I haven't had in a few months. Your piercing is really far from healed, and navels are notorious for being sensitive, you might have pissed it off with the jewelry change. Cleaning and drainage generally involve soaking the wound with a saline solution and removing debris; dead tissue, pus, dirt or other foreign material. Redness, warmth to the touch and extreme tenderness extending more than a half inch from the piercing itself would be suspicious for cellulitis. Destruction of cartilage by an infection can also lead to deformity of the ear or nasal contours.
I most likely won't be able to go see my piercer until tomorrow and to the doctor's until Monday at the earliest. If it starts hurting, turns a greenish color, or gets generally inflamed and red for no reason. Any opaque fluid coming out of piercings might be a reason to worry though so take good care of it and make sure it's clean!
The whole time i thought that this was part fo the healing process but ive researched into it and it seems the white lump on the top of my toungue that surrounds the front half of the whole might be a keloid. Please don't try to burn it off with the random suggestions you might find, as the scar can be discolored and larger after all. In the case of an infected piercing, doctors will often request for the jewellery to be removed and the piercing to be left to heal.
Promote circulation and a healthy immune system with good nutrition, avoiding alcohol, and quitting smoking. In most cases, early treatment with antibiotics manages infection before it becomes severe.

While most of these infections still clear well with early use of antibiotics, it is a risk that you should know about. Its not sore if i bite gently down at the back of the peicring but if i push a deicent amount of pressure and push the piercing foward its sore. A change of toothpaste and mouthwash along with a change of jewelry is probably the most useful. It is very important for the piercee to discuss with the physician that the jewellery should remain in place to act as a drain.
I would reccomend doing a sea salt soak or using some antibacterial saline wash, applying a bit of neosporin on it and leaving it alone. If you were pierced with anything else you don't go back to that piercer, find an APP approved piercer on safepiercing.org and go there for help instead.
Theres no puss comming from the hole but sometimes in the mornigs when i wake up its a little swollen, but only directed around the peircing. I suggest distilled water in place of toothpaste and mouthwash until the irritation has passed.
If the jewellery is removed, the openings of the piercing will close up and the infection will not be able to drain, which can result in an abscess. An abscess is an infection that is trapped under the skin and is indicated by a darkening and hardening of the surrounding tissue, swelling and pain.
The new jewelry could also be the problem, if you can, clean the new jewelry in some alcohol and put it back in.
In very rare cases of severe infection, where there is a lot of destruction of tissue in the area, the jewellery may need to be permanently removed and dead tissue and debris cut away for healing to occur.

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