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Dog Ear Cleanser Solution-Eliminate Stinky Ear-Reduce Ear Scratching and Redness-All Natural Ingredents Aloe Verra, Eucalyptus-Protect Against Infections Caused By Ear Mites-"Doggy Aromatherapy Spa Treatment"! CSMMLLC Dog Ear Cleanser Solution-Eliminate Stinky Ear-Reduce Ear Scratching and Redness-All Natural Ingredents Aloe Verra, Eucalyptus-Protect Against Infections Caused By Ear Mites-"Doggy Aromatherapy Spa Treatment"! Eucalyptus antiseptic and germicidal qualities protects the open wound or irritated area from developing infections from microbial activity and exposure to the air.
Eucalyptus oil's pleasant aroma and effect as a deodorant, antibacterial, antiseptic, and antimicrobial agent has been shown to protect against microbial growth that can promote a host of different symptoms commonly found in dog ears.
Aloe Vera's cooling properties and scientific evidence that it may help heal wounds and skin conditions make it the perfect blend with Eucalyptus to clean, soothe and protect pet ears from mites and infections which have your pet scratching their ears. But in order to understand why you don’t need to swab out the ol’ ears, we first need to understand why we have earwax to begin with. Not only does earwax help to keep dust and dirt away from the eardrum, it also provides some antibacterial and lubricating perks. The problem, then, is when we think we’re smarter than the systems our bodies have had in place since the beginning of time, and go poking around in those cerumen-laden ears of ours. Earwax trapped there also brings with it fungus, bacteria and viruses accumulated in the outer ear, potentially leading to pain and infection, says Backous. Pushing earwax deeper inside can also block the ear canal, leading to hearing loss, or, if you push it even farther, a ruptured ear drum — which, if that episode of “Girls” is to be believed, seems more than a little bit painful.
Every year, about 12 million Americans head to their doctors with “impacted or excessive cerumen,” a really gross-sounding way to say they’ve got serious earwax problems. Ears really only need to be cleaned — even by a medical professional — if they feel full or you notice changes to your hearing that could be related to waxy buildup. Yes, we know what you’re thinking, with that grossed-out look on your face: You can’t just stop cleaning your ears. For those of you who just can’t leave your ears alone, Backous recommends a little at-home irrigation.
Ear wax is nothing, but a naturally produced substance that protects the ears from bacteria and other external agents while acting as a lubricant for the ear and the ear canal. Soften the ear wax by putting a few drops of baby oil or mineral oil with the help of a dropper.

One of the best ways to remove the ear wax is olive oil as it softens the ear wax, thus making it easier to come out from the ear. DescriptionGently and effectively eliminate your pet's ear odor and ear wax with the completely natural Halo Cloud Nine Herbal Ear Wash.Created with a soothing blend of natural herbs, Halo Cloud Nine Herbal Ear Wash is gentle enough to use as often as needed. Wallys Ear Wipes are made with essential oils and extracts so theyre an all-natural ear cleaning remedy that works safely and effectively to clean your ears from wax, dirt and oil.
Deeply nourishing and restorative treatment that cleans and moisturizes the ears of dogs and cats. That means a healthier, happier dog!a™¦ VET-PROVEN FORMULA gently destroys wax and dirt without harsh chemicals or alcohol!a™¦ NO MORE MESS! Sure, that cotton swab looks tiny enough, but it’s actually pushing earwax deeper into the ear (after shoving it off of that escalator), where it gets stuck in the parts that don’t clean themselves, he says. The AAO-HNSF feels so strongly about not sticking cotton swabs in your ears that it released an official position statement about earwax removal, for both physicians and patients. Well, that’s only because you’ve created a vicious “itch and scratch cycle” for yourself, says Backous. A few drops in each ear of a mixture of one part white vinegar, one part rubbing alcohol and one part tap water at body temperature should do the trick. However, excess build up may cause discomfort, irritation, fullness sensation, dizziness, itching, and even partial hearing loss. Now, soak a cotton ball in the solution and squeeze few drops of it into the ear by slightly tilting your head upwards. Put two-three drops of olive oil into the ear, affected by excessive blockage, during bedtime. This formula has no artificial colors, chemicals, or preservatives and can be used on both dogs and cats.The power of Halo Cloud Nine Herbal Ear Wash is in the high quality herbal ingredients, including witch hazel, chamomile, sage oil, and clove oil.
Simple rubbing at the base of the ear delivers the product deep into the ear so you don't have to stick any objects in the ear and risk injury to your pet. The more you rub the skin of your ears, the more histamine you release, which in turn makes the skin irritated and inflamed — just like how that mosquito bite gets itchier the more you scratch it. Therefore, ear wax can be easily cleaned at home by trying some natural remedies for ear wax removal.

This solution greatly helps in getting rid of the ear wax, which can be irritating sometimes. I let my dog shake her head to remove excess product and then use a paper towel or soft cloth to gently clean the inside of the ear of any debris or wax that is visible. Once earwax dries, every motion of your jaw, whether that’s chowing down on lunch or gabbing away with friends, helps move the old earwax out of the opening of your ear (much like as if it were riding an escalator, says Backous). Plus, because of the lubricating nature of earwax, removing it can simply make your ears drier, motivating you to keep sticking swabs in there in a mistaken attempt at relief.
Though, there are numerous methods available in the market for ear wax removal, but care should be taken as the ear is a very sensitive part of our body. Now, tilt your head in the opposite direction in order to drain out the solution from the ear. Ear wax removal through olive oil is an effective way as it softens the ear wax, thereby making it easier to remove. Helps keep ear mites at bay as well as the redness from excessive ear scratching.Protects the ear's irritated area from developing infections from microbial activity and exposure to the air. Eucalyptus also has well-known qualities as a bug repellent and natural pesticide.Soothing and mildly cleansing reducing traces of dirt, residue and oil.
As part of my preventative treatment plan I apply the Ear Cleanser at the end of bathing my dog as a "doggy aromatherapy spa treatment"! It seemed like every time I took her to the groomer she would get an ear infection and the whole situation just got worse and worse. It was the fantastic combination of Eucalyptus oil and Aloe Vera that eliminated the problem for my dog.

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