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Beautiful bracelet is able to emphasize the graceful wrist and complement your fashionable image. Simple, affordable, versatile and adaptable to many fashion looks – it’s all about modern wooden bracelets. The demand for naturalness grows each new season, and jewelry accessories are no exception. The colors of the France jewelry-making trend plate out into a satisfying banquet: the grape-like purple of Rendezvous, the deep toasted shade of Baguette and the potent, intoxicating red of Vin Rouge the earthy gold of Chanterelle and the fresh and spritely green of Bouquet Garni.

Like the food of France, this trend is fearless about combining materials and techniques--because no matter what, the outcome will be scrumptious.
Pearls are the mother sauce to any trend that strives for timeless elegance, while polymer clays accept any range of delectable textures and ornamentations. Bead caps, chains and chainmaille garnish designs for this trend, enriching the bonne bouche of style options, while resin-set images echo the wealth of history behind the look. Complex blends of multiple materials, touchable textures and luscious colors mean these designs will always be haute.

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