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The largest cake so far, Tasmania, for the ordination and installation of our new Anglican Bishop.
It was a delight to win the miniature wedding cake class at the Royal Hobart Show recently. Autumn - as Keats called it 'Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness' - it certainly is this in Hobart. I don't often cover cakes with buttercream, but this one was for a family from the USA - I added Tasmanian Blue Gum for a local touch. January 2015 - The first cake of the year is a Princess Castle cake for 5 year old grandaughter - to her own design. The main cake this year was a Nativity cake,  from a design which evolved a couple of years ago.
A simple Art Deco cake for Danny of Jam Jar fame for his Speakeasy party was fun to do, and the party was great. September and October - recovered well from hand surgery and continued master classes on line.

August - A box of edible succulents was well received by the theatre staff and hand surgeon as they embarked on making my right index finger usable again. July - I developed the edible succulent from an idea by Nicholas Lodge, adding a Japanese theme.
Dark Mofo our celebration of the Winter Solstice in Hobart is great fun with food, wine and many events. Last year's cookies are still on the Mona facebook page and I made a different variation on the theme this year. Henry's second birthday cake was fun to do, I planned to keep it simple but can't help being a maximalist. April 2014 - Decorating Easter cookies reminded me that it is just a year ago that I did my first cookie platter, 170 different designs later and cookies still fascinate me. February and March 2014 - hand surgery on Valentines Day resulted in an enforced break from decorating.
I made a rainbow dual birthday cake also last week , seven layers inside as well as a rainbow on the top with Kermit and a pot of Gold.

A horse birthday cake for a special girl involved making it allergy free so her close friend could enjoy it also. A picture of the Royal Baby cookies was sent to the UK and then passed on to the editor of Hello magazine.  Grannie is going global! I had great fun making a princess cake for a 40th birthday as a joke, the photo shows I tried to make it a bit elegant anyway. When there was snow on the mountain, I took 30 colouring page snowman cookies to my 3 year old grandaughter's playgroup.
She wanted to be involved in the whole process and lasted the distance, even through to doing something original with the leftovers. This was to farewell a family who have been a valued part of our community and we will miss them.

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