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I think my only answer is to go to locking backs because they have more surface area to mitigate the tipping, they have rounded edges to mitigate the little knife feeling, and they are gold to satisfy my metal allergy. 2) Can I put this locking back onto my standard posts, or are these backs proprietary and require a new set of earrings in order to fit together? Hadley I think they are protector backs and I just got my first set on my OEC moissanite earrings and they are sooooo comfortable. I need to find a backing for a gold piercing stud (the ones from way back in the day from the (cringe) guns. Your "because you can't snug them" comment leads me to understand that they have to sit in the groove at the end of the post?

My ear lobes are going softer and softer with age, and even though my studs are only 4mm and weigh nothing, they are tilting downward, which makes the edge of the friction back cut into the back of my ear.
I tried those backs with the plastic saucers around them, but that also drove my sensitive self crazy. Not certain on the second part of the question just wanted to let you know the comfort is there even when I wear them tight. I did a Google search and got back a bunch of French I can't read, and the Images tab showed salads, desserts, beer, and strollers.
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So I concluded that La Pousette is French for "Mamma's Day Out," which I further conclude is a grown up version of "Girls' Night Out," in which mothers gather to eat and get a buzz on, then take their infants for a walk.

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