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Already added to cart sorry,for a reason unknown,temporarily babyhouse90 can't take your order(s). Short Description: Direct factory price,expert design, 2012 The most popular, most fashion, it is sells very good in the network, suitable for fashionable people. Margaret was very attentive and made sure the markings for where she would pierce my daughter's ears were in just the right spot. Her attention to detail was excellent and it was so nice to be in a clean and quiet doctor's office as opposed to the mall or a body piercing shop.
The best part was that Margaret really took the time take to make sure my daughter's earrings would be perfectly aligned. I went searching and searching for a place besides the mall that would pierce my daughters ears AND most importantly somewhere I felt comfortable with. We drove 1 hour to our Sunday appt, we were really late but Margaret was very gracious and was able to fit us in. We took our 19 month old daughter here to get her ears and we had the most incredible experience! My daughter was NOT pleased about being woken up from her nap and was absolutely inconsolable from the moment we got there. Not once did you get frazzled as my almost 2 year old got upset and cried and tried to push you away! Took our almost 1yr old to get her ears pierced - she accommodated us the same day (after her closing time even) which was awesome. If you're looking for safety, quality, & years of experience when it comes to piercing your baby's ears, this is DEFINITELY the spot!
Margaret is so friendly, professional, & most importantly, she definitely knows what she's doing! She also has a couple tricks up her sleeve if your baby is active (mine was) and was very quick and precise. February 6, 2010My husband and I took our baby to this place last Saturday to have our baby's ears pierced and we are so happy with the results. We arrived 15 minutes late for our appointment but Margaret was oh so kind enough to still accommodate us despite the fact that she was running late for her own personal appointment elsewhere.
We really appreciate you taking the time in explaining to us the process of the ear piercing & for making sure the holes would be perfectly aligned.
It has been 3 days since Margaret pierced our daughter's ears and we are extremely excited with the outcome! My husband, daughter, and I just returned from our appointment with Margaret and I must tell you how extremely happy we are with the outcome of our daughter's ears pierced.
On the day of our appointment, Margaret was a very calming presence, she was also very friendly, patient, and professional. I was a bit apprehensive in my search for a truly reputable place to have my 4 month old daughter's ears pierced. October 6, 2010My fiance and I took our daughter Alayne to get her ears pierced with Margaret about a week ago and so far her ears are healing very nicely. December 26, 2010we took our 8 year old twins here this morning and Margaret and her office were everything we hoped for. Since our daughter was getting restless, I had to hold her hands down while Margaret pierced.
I recommend bringing snacks and toys for older babies and getting the "screw back" earrings.
Margaret is also very helpful with helping me get the exact earring that I want for my baby girl, as well as for my niece.
When we got to our appointment (A Monday at 11am), we just focused on the actual ear piercing experience.
I immediately felt more at ease- she took her time explaining everything, answering all out questions and reassuring us! Anyway, I'm a first time mom and a little picky (okaaay, very picky) about what's happening to my Boo.
Margaret responded to my email inquiry within a couple hours and I was able to make an appointment for 3 days later.
Dip a new Q-tip in Isopropyl alcohol  and apply between the earring and your ear in front and in back. Best to remove and clean your earrings every month or so, but keep some earrings in all the time for at least a year, so they don't close up!! After the original 6 weeks of wearing earings I was told I can wear hoops if they have a straight post!
A week before you need to remove the earrings for sports, start doing the nightly alcohol earring-twisting routine again. Already added to cart sorry,for a reason unknown,temporarily angelcheng2013 can't take your order(s).
The Mayo Clinic recommends getting your ear piercing at a reputable piercing studio where its employees are properly trained. When choosing where to get your ears pierced, the Mayo Clinic suggests making sure whoever is piercing your ears wears gloves, uses the proper equipment, and sterilizes non-disposable equipment.
The Mayo Clinic recommends using hypoallergenic materials for the piercing-inserted earrings, such as surgical-grade steel, titanium, or 14-karat gold. Clean your ear piercings twice a day with antibacterial soap, twisting the earring as you clean. The Mayo Clinic recommends leaving earrings in place for at least six weeks after the piercing, with other body piercings possibly taking longer to heal.
According to AAFP.org, infections such as HIV and hepatitis can be spread by body piercing if the instruments are contaminated with blood, or are not sterilized properly in-between clients. If your piercing is infected, the skin around the piercing may be red and inflammed, and may be sensitive to the touch. We took our almost 11 month old to get her ears pierced, and were concerned we were taking her at a stage when piercing her ears would be tough (she's a very active little thing).

And Margaret is a doll, she was very gentle and informative, their website is super informative as well! About a week before Zoe's appointment I emailed Margaret to let her know my daughter had small lobes she provided me with options for smaller studs . There were tons of earrings on site to choose from, but we were also given the option of ordering earrings ahead of time. Margaret explained everything from the sterilization of the tools to the dotting of the ears all over my daughter's cries.
When we got there, we saw someone leave very satisfied, which really boosted my confidence.
After seeing the whole process, i'll def say it's worth spending the time & money on a professional rather than someone inexperienced - you only do it once afterall! She explained the entire process to us while performing the actual procedure and in a few minutes, it is done. It's almost as if you were piercing your own daughter's ears & that you took such great care in making sure they looked perfect. You really did a great job and took your time to make sure that her piercing was done right. We took our 6 month old to get her ears pierced yesterday and it was such a great experience.
Margaret explained every step in the process and made sure she marked the baby's ears perfectly and confirmed with us to make sure we were happy as well-- she has an incredible selection of 14k earrings available (like birthstone gems? I had done my research using yelp and babycenter regarding ear piercing for my 3.5mo old daughter. I swear thinking of getting your daughter's ears pierced before actually going through with it seems so easy, yet when you know it is actually going to happen, you feel so guilty of even wanting to let your child feel any pain.I searched high and low for someone who SPECIALIZES in baby ear piercing. Then she took even more time, ensuring the markings for the piercing were absolutely precise and symmetrical- extremely important!! She cried a bit but forgot about it quickly with dad giving her a bottle and a vigorous walk through the mall.
Some people heal so fast in general, especially children, so that the holes can close up after even one day! If the earrings are not comfortable to sleep in, push a thin piece of sewing thread thru the hole with an earring post & tie the knot.
I changed the earrings from the posts to small sleeper hoops after the 3rd week as the first earrings were really digging into my ears.
In three weeks, I have two cross country meets, and we're strictly forbidden from wearing any form of jewelery. Then, open the DHgate APP, and click on "Shopping Cart" or "My favorites" to find the product(s) you added. She is also a certified personal trainer who writes a monthly newsletter for the men and women who participate in her boot camp, giving diet and exercise information to help her students succeed. There are different piercing-related regulations for each state; however, you want to make sure that the operator is following proper sterile techniques to prevent infection and the spread of disease. Using hypoallergenic jewelry will limit the possibility of an allergic reaction to the earring. It is recommended that you leave the piercing in place to prevent the new hole from closing. This is why it is so important to research the facility you plan to use to get your piercing done. She explained the process very clearly and was very empathic to this nervous and excited mama. All that concern was for nothing!Margaret took the time to mark out the spots on my daughter's lobes, they were perfection. She explained everything, and it was an awesome experience, well besides my baby crying lol.
During our appointment not only did I discover Zoe has small lobes but one is noticeably smaller than the other. I kept reading and reading them over again until I decided that she was the person I wanted to pierce my daughters ears. She is so kind to both baby and parents and takes the time to explain every step and why and how of the whole process! Margaret is very patient, informative and does not rush each patient even if the next one is waiting in the waiting area. I read so many bad things on the internet about babies and piercing in malls I was afraid to have her ears pierced. I would much rather bring my baby here, where I feel as if I can trust the person, than at some mall booth where they're not at all experienced w infants! Our baby cried for only 5 sec and immediately forgot about the pain after seeing her pretty face with earrings on both her earlobes.
We just got back from Oahu & you're right, her newly pierced ears were just fine in the salt water.
Not only does our daughter look super cute, also Margaret was very thorough about making sure the holes would be perfectly aligned  She also thoroughly explain how to take care of it so that our daughter's ears do not get infected. Heidi looks so great and her new earrings haven't caused any issues or concerns for us so far.
Through considerable research and reading the reviews of Margaret, I was convinced that she was professional and would provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience for me and my daughter. Like other reviewers have mentioned, Margaret is meticulous in ensuring the piercing position is correct.
The place was located inside Clouds Rest Healing Center that is not in the congested area of SF.
My husband had to hold my daughter- at 9 months they are super active and mobile, making the whole thing more challenging- so my only advice is to take them when they are younger!! And also would it be ok if I had to take out my earings for a couple hours few times a week about 8 weeks after the piercing. However, men and women now wear earrings in both ears, and more rich and famous men are wearing diamond hoops! Michelle is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in psychology at California State University Channel Islands.

However, the Mayo Clinic recommends doing some research before the event as piercings can carry complications. Other possible complications that may occur include bleeding, swelling, scarring, and an allergic reaction to the jewelry. If you have any of these symptoms accompanied by a fever, AAFP.org recommends seeing your doctor immediately. One of my daughters almost got cold feet right as Margaret was about to do the first ear, and Margaret was very sweet about it. She brought out the iPhone waves app, handed my daughter pens, all to keep her as happy as could be. Margaret took her time to place the perfect marking on her ear and explained to me every step of the way, why and what she was doing.
If I couldn't find a doctor to pierce my daughters ears I knew I wanted a a place that specialized in baby piercing. You made me feel so comfortable when I talked to you; all my friends wish you could come out and pierce their babies.
Margaret handled everything very well and made everything as pleasant as possible for our daughter. Margaret was very thorough in following up prior to my daughter's appointment and was so kind and warm both during the piercing and following the piercing. We paid $175, which sounds expensive but considering Margaret's experience with babies and ear piercing and this is a ONE TIME, intended to last a LIFETIME experience.
She was very thorough in making sure the earrings would be straight, even and properly placed on the lobe. The meets tend to last a couple hours, but the actual running usually takes less than 30 minutes.
Bring Neosporin creme to your race to help put the earring back in (put it on the earring tip).
It is important to research where you get your ears pierced as well as how to care for your new piercing to help speed up the healing process.
You can tell if your piercing is healed if it is no longer weeping fluid, there is no more redness, and it doesn't hurt to take your earring in and out. There was zero pressure, and Margaret was very patient and reassuring, and had all the right words to calm my daughter down.
The piercing itself was more excruciating for us parents, I think, but our daughter was back to normal in under 5 minutes.I guess what defines this review? She took her time making sure Z's ears would look evenly pierced, then offered Z a pair of 14k gold post earrings of her choice (she picked emeralds) that had longer posts than the ruby pair we had pre-purchased, to be sure that the posts would make it all the way through without causing extra pain.The piercing pinched a little more than z expected, but it was fast and well done.
When she wakes up in the morning, I say "let's go clean our pretty earrings!"  We then tromp to the bathroom, and I spray my own earrings front & back, and turn them--then do the same to her.
She was constantly talking to us and explaining the whole procedure and how important it was to make sure we get it right etc. When I had mine done it was at a mall in one of those center booths when I was a little kid. If I were to take out my earring right before the race, and then put it in directly afterwards (after washing my hands first and such), would that be okay?
It was a tear-free experience for all, and my big girls walked out with giant smiles on their faces, and they're super excited to show off their newly pierced ears to all their friends at school.
Margaret sent z off with a pocket calendar and cute stamp to keep track of daily cleaning, plus detailed instructions on how to care for the piercings. She was very patient and understanding, didnt' rush us even after the next appt ppl were already there.
She took her time and made sure the alignment was perfect and took her sweet time in piercing our daughter's ears despite the fact that we went before her 10:30 appointment. Even with an uncomfortable crying infant, Margaret showed patience and her experience came through as she remained calm. An ear piercing person with good aim could make a hole in the new spot, without waiting for the old hole to be completely closed. Of course my daughter cried but that was mainly because we were holding her head to not move.
Before we knew it, Margaret pierced our daughter's ears so PERFECTLY.We drove from Fremont to San Francisco and am so happy we went through with this decision.
My 12 year old finally decided it's time to get her ears pierced so I looked for the most qualified.
When she was finished she put us in a private room so baby could nurse and could be comforted in private, that was a super plus.
When it was our turn, Margaret sterilized my earrings (I bought my own) and explained what she was about to do and helped us hold her so she can mark her lobes. Once Margaret was done piercing our daughter's ears our daughter cried for only a few minutes and forgot all about it and she looks even more beautiful with her pretty earrings on. There's a small selection of earrings for you to choose from which includes your birthstone color.
When everything was all done she gave us directions on how to keep ears cleaned and even gave us the solution to keep clean. She even took out her phone and turned on this app with water sounds that gets babies attention to distract her, I thought that was a thoughtful touch :) of course, my baby cried but that's a given.
Our daughter was instantly back to her cheery self and forgot the whole process even happened.Margaret did not rush us but gave us the time to comfort our little one afterwards. She's incredibly calm and was amazing with our baby-- once her ears were marked, the piercing was quick and the baby got settled immediately. As other reviewers have mentioned, she is always available for questions afterwards and you can tell she takes great pride in her work. So, if you are willing to pay a little more, but be in capable hands then I would highly recommend her.

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