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The Heart of the Matter: What Does America Really Know about Coronary Artery Disease Treatments? They are vigilant for any medical conditions that may need care from a physician, and look at your hearing health from a comprehensive point of view.
Formerly from southeastern Michigan, Dawn moved to the Raleigh area in June, 2009 with her husband and two sons.
Their passion for serving hearing impaired patients coupled with their knowledge of the human hearing system, hearing aids, and hearing aid fittings make for the most complete hearing care available. Audiologists, like other medical professionals, are bound by a code of ethics to do what’s best for the patient, regardless of any other factors.
Griffin joined Now Hear This® in order to provide high quality audiological care to the people of the Triangle here in his home state of North Carolina.

Her background experience consists of six years of patient care in the chiropractic and atlas orthogonal fields as well as 28 years in customer relations. Her educational background consists of legal, anatomical, and radiographic certifications. Keefer was a partner of TCG MedTech, a consulting practice in Durham, NC where he and his partnersoperated the US subsidiaries of 5 European medical companies and received 9 FDA product clearances.  Graduating from Nebraska Medical School  25+ years ago, he has served on  executive teams and boards of a number of successful and growing organizations in the life sciences industry. If I had taken my mother to see you sooner, she would have been able to hear what my father was saying in the last days that he lived.
This includes Quest Diagnostics (formerly Smith Kline Clinical Laboratories), Analytical Technologies Inc, and Vista Information Solutions.
Griffin has focused his clinical attention on providing the most detailed and accurate hearing aid fittings possible.
His experience with music makes him well-suited to provide for the hearing protection and performance needs of musicians and music aficionados.

Griffin believes that an accurate and verified hearing aid fitting is essential, and provides the patient with the best opportunity to hear as much as they can. Part of his mission is to spread the use of verification technology for all patients, which is a way to tailor the hearing aid sound to the patient’s individual ears, and their individual prescription.

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