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NEXIUM USES AND SIDE EFFECTSturducken for sale dallas scene it harry potter Disease please see the potential side effects. Nexium, manufactured and marketed by pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca, belongs to a group of medications known as proton pump inhibitors that are typically used for the short-term treatment of acid reflux, which can cause heartburn.
Additionally, a 2010 study in the New England Journal of Medicine suggested that mothers that use proton pump inhibitors like Nexium during early pregnancy were twice as likely to have a child with a heart defect that those who did not take the drugs.
Proton pump inhibitors are used in the treatment of GERD, stomach and duodenal ulcers, erosive esophagitis, and Zollinger-Ellison syndrome. The risk of these Nexium side effects is greatly increased in patients receiving high doses or in intervals greater than a year at a time.
Due to the strong link between heartburn drugs and various types of bone fractures, the U.S. An experienced Nexium lawyer – one familiar with potential proton pump inhibitor side effects and with the product liability laws that protect you as a consumer – can help you obtain fair compensation for your suffering. If you believe that you or a loved one has suffered injury or death due to a defective or dangerous pharmaceutical, you may have a right to compensation for your injuries.
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They are regarded as a leading firm in Kent, with longevity, trust and a personal touch highlighted as distinguishing factors. According to studies Nexium use may increase the risk of a number of serious bone fractures.
While Nexium has been effective in treating heartburn, it has also been linked to severe side effects.
Three types of birth defects were specified in the study: septal defects, and right and left ventricular defects. Well-versed in both the dangers of proton pump inhibitors and the product liability laws that protect consumers, our Nexium lawsuit attorneys can help you obtain fair compensation for your suffering.
In May 2010, the FDA announced that warnings would be provided about the risk of bone fracture side effects from prescription strength PPI drugs.
Food & Drug Administration (FDA) announced in May 2010 that the packaging of Nexium would be required to carry an enhanced warning regarding the risks of these side effects. Serving dangerous drug victims nationwide, we have extensive experience with product liability cases.

Our values guide our day-day work, and form the foundation of our long term trusted relationships we build with our clients, contacts, employees and partners. A number of Nexium lawsuits have been filed on behalf of users who have suffered severe bone deterioration or fractures. A December 2006 study published in the Journal of American Medical Association found that prolonged or heavy Nexium use significantly increases the risk of hip fractures in elderly patients. The warnings came after FDA drug safety reviewers looked at a number of epidemiological studies into PPI bone fracture risks.
A year later, the FDA updated an earlier drug safety communication indicating that it has determined that the use of high doses of PPIs for more than a year can increase the risk of osteoporosis and fractures of the hip, wrist and spine.

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