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Hide 7 puppies from 2 parents,1 nosy little sister, an entiremiddle school, and 1 mean girlout for revenge! So, I decided to write in to YOUR advice column and put you on BLAST in front of the entire WORLD.
Today at lunch, I was completely torn between the tofu salad and the tofu burger since I’m very particular about what I eat.
I finally decided on the Teriyaki Tofu Salad with honey ginger dressing and a chilled bottle of Mountain’s Peak spring water. Anyway, just as I was about to sit down at the CCP table (because I’m the QUEEN of the Cool, Cute and Populars!! ME, COMPLETELY IN SHOCK THAT MY CCP FRIENDS WOULD LAUGH AT ME IN THAT HORRIBLE VIDEO WITH THE BUG STUCK IN MY HAIR! Yes, it was partially due to the flashback of that nasty fly buzzing around the tofu burger I almost ATE!  Yuck! I could NOT believe my BFF, Jessica, and my CCP friends would actually STAB me in my back like this. 6.  You tricked me into DIGGING through a DUMPSTER filled with GARBAGE in my designer dress at the Sweetheart Dance! 10. You’ve completely RUINED my reputation and HUMILIATED me because now the ENTIRE SCHOOL is passing around that awful VIDEO of me having a meltdown about the BUG that YOU put in my hair!!!!!!

All of your DORKY little friends here (and the ENTIRE world!!) will FINALLY be able to read MY SIDE OF THE STORY on June 2nd. If Nikki Maxwell is so NICE, FRIENDLY and DORKY, then WHY did she do all of the MEAN and NASTY things to me on my list?!
If you have a LAME EXCUSE for why your little friend TERRORIZES ME, please post it in the comments because I want to read it. You guys are lucky you don’t know what I’M saying about YOU behind YOUR backs!!
Has anyone noticed that pretty much every one of mackenzies reasons is from a different book? Mackenzie Nikki did not do anything mean to you (apart from the garbage dump incident) You should act back how she did to you not just being mean to her all day long.
Mackenzie how do u know nikki did all those things to u u cant read her mind so tell me and how could she put a bug in your hair she wasn’t even touching your hair?!?!
Person on What’s On YOUR Mind?Some girl on What’s On YOUR Mind?nikki on I Want To Speak Up In Class, But…!Anonymous on SQUEEE!!
I personally drew the artwork for this letter (well, except for the very first one above, which I borrowed from YOU because you drew my eyes as beautiful as they really are!) because I’m a WAY better artist than YOU ever were. You called Nikki a uncivilised gorrilla after she made an HONEST MISTAKE and opened that invite, thinking you were inviting her to your party!

You actually STOLE Nikki’s duffel bag containing ALL her clothing at the Halloween dance! You pretty much CYBER-BULLIED Nikki by posting that video of Brianna and her singing the ‘I love Queasy Cheesy’ song!
Mackenzie needs to lay off the insults and niki needs to stop blaming mackenzie for EVERYTHING. WHEN I AM AT SCHOOL OR BESIDE MY FRIENDS I TALKS ABOUT U AND IVE READ UR BOOKS A MILLION THOUSAND TIME LIKE ABOUT THIS MUCH LET ME SHOW U!! I bet if Mackenzie and Nikki just talk about it without any yelling or badmouthing, they would be close friends. I think nikki needs to speak up and be nice to her because she only talks to mac in her head but then does mean stuff in retaliation.

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