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If you continue to use the site without changing your settings, we'll assume you agree to this. The Hearing Care Centre is an award-winning private hearing aid clinic, providing superior expertise and care in fitting the latest digital hearing aids, including the new Lyric 100% invisible 'contact lens for the ear'. We conduct full clinical hearing tests and hearing aid fittings, together with outstanding aftercare and rehabilitation. Our professional team of qualified hearing aid audiologists, headed by md Vicki Skeels RHAD FHSAA, are registered hearing aid dispensers with over 60 years' shared experience, both NHS and private. We are based in Colchester, Essex, with satellite centres in Chelmsford, Frinton, Manningtree, Tiptree, The Oaks private hospital in Colchester and West Mersea.
I then bought Songbird disposables which were my cheapest short term digital option as I could pay in instalments. Actually, in terms of clarity and amplification without distortion they were very good and helped me tremendously at work in meetings, but because they are made for any wearer they needed frequent adjustment in my ear, and whistled constantly.
They were also poor in noisy social situations and for phone use.In 2004 my mother in law bought me a pair of Phonak Savia aids, which I have been using until Feb this year.
They have been reliable, clear and distortion free in most situations except, despite a magnetic attachment I found them unhelpful when using the phone.
They were pre-adjusted so needed no fiddling about in different situations, and were comfortable to wear.I now have a pair of NHS provided Starkey Maia 130 aids and I notice a significant difference in quality. However, if there is a TV or radio in the room, a boiling kettle or washing machine etc., on either setting, the appliance deafens me and I cannot catch conversation often until repeated or the third time very loudly.
I started off with one hearing aid and progressed to two after 4 years.I wear Oticon Spirit 3 NHS Hearing Aids and have found them to be adequate for my needs (I’m a Teaching Assistant at a First School) although they do have limitations. I have to have behind the ear aids as my tubes are too narrow to have in the ear aids.The main problem with the first design I wore was that the battery compartment was not well designed and when I did anything energetic and sweated, the battery compartment filled with sweat and the aid stopped working. The design I have now is much better although this can still be a problem and I tend to remove the aids during exercise if possible – I do still have enough hearing to cope without aids if not in conversation.My other problem at the start was with the ear moulds.
I can use most phones whilst wearing my aids, I just have to hold the phone at a slightly different angle and this comes with experience.TV can be frustrating as too much background noise means I often can’t hear speech.
I use subtitles most of the time but get frustrated with them during live programmes such as the news as the time lag can be dreadful (but the errors can be hilarious!).
The tests revealed equal loss in both ears of the higher frequency range.After only 3 weeks the NHS supplied me with two Oticon Spirit Zest hearing aids.
Travelling on the crowded tube I observed that nearly everyone had music devices plugged in their ears or big headphones. These music players and addiction to the mobile phone tend to isolate folk from the world around them nowadays.My life is now changed. TV volume turned down, easy conversations in a group, folk no longer need to repeat things.

Although I understand the Impact Pro is for mild to moderate loss, the impact of my pre existing auditory discrimination difficulties and now my total hearing loss on my left side means that without my aids I would consider myself to be very deaf in any situation other than 1:1 in a quiet environment.Getting used to the cable that runs between the two aids has been the most frustrating part with a limited option in size of cable so either the short cable gives you a slight facelift by pulling your ears backwards behind your head, or you trip over the longer cable! Despite the fact they should be discreet aids, I’ve needed a ‘gurt-big’ mould made to keep the microphone part on.
It simply doesn’t hook over my ear like it should and as a glasses-wearer it’s all a bit ‘clunky’. I made the mistake in asking for the mould to be made in glittery gold and the side that fits in my ear is wonderful while the outside bit that shows looks like the colour of ear wax!It’s hard to comment on the sound quality when it’s the only aid I’ve ever had.
Half of the time my own voice and many of those around me sound like I’m resident in an old tin bucket. The batteries are supplied free by the NHS; the only drawback is having to go to the hearing aid department to collect new ones.
The volume control on both types was not very good and I found that the range had no significant effect when I tried to increase or decrease it, this function would have been useful when walking by busy roads, shopping malls or any type of loud concentrated noise occurs.Listening to the television at a reasonable level became impossible, so I invested in earphones.
This type technology means the receiver is in the ear and not behind the ear which mimics your normal hearing more and so increases the sound better. Technology has advanced with this model and offers more program settings and the hearing specialist can fine tune the various programs better.As these hearing aids are a recent purchase I have only two settings the first is tuned to my hearing loss and the second takes out some of the back ground noise to try to improve my hearing when in a group of people in say a restaurant.
The only problem with this setting is it makes people sound as if they have a lisp, so I will try to get this sound improved in the New Year.I will also see what additional programs I can have added like TV, Music and Phone to improve my hearing in these areas.
Also people who talk quietly are not a problem now except on the phone.In a group it is still hard to follow the conversation if the person speaking is not looking at you directly and background noise still greatly effects what you hear, so this has only improved slightly in comparison to my older types of hearing aid.
I first contacted a local firm which offered ‘free’ hearing tests and their findings confirmed my earlier medical report. As my local Doctor’s surgery is most helpful, I then arranged an appointment with them and a contact with my local NHS Audiologist was made.Again, the NHS audiologist tested my hearing and recommended the ‘Oticon’ Spirit Zest with a thin ‘Corda’ sound tube, ear grip and dome for insertion in my ear. The whole ‘unit’ is virtually invisible in normal face to face encounters and I do not feel the embarrassment that I had feared were I to be using an ‘Earmould’.
I had felt an ‘earmould’ would be an obvious indication to others that I had a hearing problem.In use, the ‘Oticon’ fitting is very simple and the improvement in my hearing (particularly at the higher frequencies) markedly improved.
There is no discomfort and I hardly notice that I am wearing the aid at all.Above all, I would recommend anyone needing to check on their hearing to visit a qualified independent audiologist and first try the NHS who provide excellent Hearing Aids completely free of charge.
I was happy with the unit, giving good individual volume control, reliable and effective, good directional pickup, low wind noise and no whistle or hiss during normal use.Battery life was good, in excess of the time stated. I was not able to get used to the earmoulds, finding them intrusive and irritating to the ear canal. They are bluetooth compatible, (with an additional control pad) for hands free mobile phone use. Because of this I wear hearing aids in both ears.These hearing aids helped in direct one to one situations where I would normally miss the odd word.

Wind noise was also a problem and I found using the telephone near impossible.I visited the audiology department 3 times over 12 months, as I felt that the hearing aids could not be set up correctly. My hearing loss is diagnosed as moderate to severe with most loss occurring to higher pitch sound. I have two aids supplied by the NHS which are Siemens Impact Pro M using hard acrylic ear moulds. The aids have up to five settings selected by a small button on the aids and they are linked electronically which means that adjusting one automatically adjusts the other to the matching setting.
This works very well but as the button is very small this may be difficult for someone with limited dexterity.
My aids are set for “normal use”, “T-Loop”, “noisy environment” and “TV” with one setting left spare.The service from my local NHS clinic has been excellent with quite short waiting times between appointments and no waiting whatsoever when attending the clinic.
Although I have not yet had my first formal review I was able to arrange an appointment with the audiologist without any delay as I needed some adjustment to the settings.After using the aids for some six weeks I find them easy to use although adjusting the volume does require a light touch. This would be difficult for anyone with limited dexterity in their fingers although I believe the aids do have an automatic setting which can be set up by the audiologist.
The aids work very well for listening to radio or TV which mean that others in the family can now have the TV volume set at a “normal” level. However, they are much less satisfactory when being used in conversation, particularly over a meal.
Other people’s speech is amplified fine but I have a real problem with occlusion (hearing my own voice and eating sounds) and am having difficulty adjusting my own voice to the correct level for the circumstances. Although I am wearing them for 16 hours a day in the hope that I will get used to them I suspect that I may end up using them for TV, theatre and meetings but not for everyday conversations with other people. Although the actual aids are quite small the ear tubes and ear moulds are fairly evident to others but I think this is inevitable once the hearing loss is more than moderate. The improvement has been dramatic and I now find that I can wear the aids all day and in a full array of sound environments.
The occlusion has been completely eliminated although there has been an increase in the frequency of “feedback squeal” happening. This seems to be caused by sudden noises which cause the hearing aid to self adjust; the speed of self adjustment is quick but not quick enough to stop a brief squeal.
I have found the service offered by my local NHS to be very good indeed with the audiologists very keen to overcome my problems.

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